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  • $15/month unlimited everything except mms***my new Cricket adventure***

    UPDATE on 7/31: I'm getting free 3G data right now! When I first set this up, instead of loading a full $15 on my PayGo plan, I only put $5 on it to try it out first. The $5 expired in 5 days. My data has continued to work for the last 48+ hours once my PayGo expired. So at this point, 3G data(no voice) is 100% free! I will have to load more $$ on my PayGo account within 117 days in order to keep my account active. I have also signed up for Clear's 4G service at $45/month for true unlimited 4G service. This is a great set up for me at the moment.

    Free calls over VOIP, text via Google Voice, Market works, internet works:

    This is something new I am trying and I think it has very good potential. The only thing that can hold me up is if throttling kicks in. This is not for those who can't handle trying something new that may not be 100% yet. I'm still testing this and so far it's working good over the 1st 24 hours, but there may be kinks to work out later.

    What I'm doing:

    -PayGo $1/day plan***IMPORTANT***only use this for $0.25/day web access***I have asked multiple Cricket reps and they have confirmed that the $1/daily access is not charged if you only access the web. The web access fee is $0.25/day.
    -all texts are done using Google Voice for free (Paygo charges $0.10/each)
    -all phone calls are made over 3G/WIFI via VOIP and using my Google Voice # for free to anywhere in the US or Canada (PayGo charges $1/day for unlimited local calls)

    VOIP apps in the Market that I have tried:

    Sipdroid- free, requires some additional setup, but is not complicated
    GrooVe IP- $3.99. Very easy setup.

    I've used both of the above apps and may try more. GrooVe IP's audio, in my opinion, seems to be alittle more clear and is easy straight out of the box for setup. This VOIP solution utilizing Google Voice for free calls over data is working out so far. It just requires some patience and testing and tweaking until you get satisfactory results. This solution is working good enough that I'm going full speed ahead with it for now. I will provide any additional updates if I have further useful info. $15/month unlimited!!

    Really, this is only $7.50/month($0.25/day for data x 30 days), BUT, the PayGO top up rules prevent this. Anything less than a $15 top up will expire at $1/per day. Example: you add $10 to your PayGo account and it expires in 10 days. What I'm doing is topping up at $15 which will expire in 30 days per the Cricket website. Doing this will be wasting $7.50/month in unused Cricket money, but $15 is still a helluva lot cheaper than any alternative!

    That's how I am trying to achieve my $15/month unlimited plan. PayGo subscribers don't have access to their account online so I have no way of tracking data/throttling. I will just continue to monitor Right now, I'm averaging around 500-600kbps DL which is plenty to make quality phone calls via VOIP, surf the net, watch Netflix, stream Pandora, etc.

    If anyone has interest, you need a Google Voice account, download Sipdroid from the market(free), and follow this guide Google Voice + Sipdroid 2.0 = VoIP over data on Android phones II | Binglong's space . It worked perfect for me. You will need to change your plan over to the PayGo $1/plan, be willing to use your Google Voice # 100% of the time, and be willing to give up mms.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: $15/month unlimited everything except mms***my new Cricket adventure*** started by ksechrest View original post
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    1. Woof's Avatar
      Woof -
      for MMs try Go SMS Pro. It has a feature that I believe uses the web to send an mms.
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