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  • 5 Pack - Capactive Touch Stylus $5.99

    Play drawing games, edit photos, want to jot down notes? It's not like the old days where any stick works. If you have a capacitive touch screen and want to do this, you need something a little bit more special.

    Just in case you lose things a lot... Here's 5 for 5..... 99.

    5-piece Black Capacitive Stylus Set for Tablets, Smartphones and All Capacitive Screens - 671PUIB

    $19.99 You Save (70%)

    Price:$5.99+ FREE SHIPPING

    Total Price: $5.99

    Product Summary

    See more in Accessories
    This stylus is specifically designed for Apple The New iPad 3, IPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch and other High-End Touch screen electronics that use the latest capacitive screen technology. Capacitive touch screens could only be used with electrical conductor such as the human body. That is why traditional rubber tipped stylus will work very poorly on your iPad. Our stylus was specifically designed for capacitive screens and will work perfectly without any resistance on your iPad or similar devices such as Samsung Tablet.

    Clip design, can be clipped in your pocket, book, diary, etc.
    Color: Black
    Compact and light weight design, easy to carry.
    Compatible with Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone or any other capacitive touch screens.
    Keep your screen free from scratching and fingerprint.
    QTY: 5pc
    Soft rubber tip.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: 5 Pack - Capactive Touch Stylus $5.99 started by chrisngrod View original post
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. empresslingpha's Avatar
      empresslingpha -
      So did anyone try these yet? I went ahead and got a five-pack because I have customers asking for this stuff but I was hoping to find someone who could give me an idea of how good they are...
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      I didn't buy them, but I know the Incipio ones work well. Have you ever used a capacitive touch stylus?
    1. empresslingpha's Avatar
      empresslingpha -
      Nah, I don't need a stylus really because I'm not drawing pictures or anything on my phone. Just got them because I do have some older customers who are frustrated with the touch screen and a stylus would be a big help to them.
    1. 154-4bdu114h's Avatar
      154-4bdu114h -
      They're 4.95 now.
    1. empresslingpha's Avatar
      empresslingpha -
      They showed up yesterday and worked great for tapping, not so hot for dragging but still a good value.
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