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  • Alright now should we start worrying? (MultiUpload down?)

    Alright well I was going to reupload some things to MultiUpload since we all know MegaUpload is down... Well no can do. Can't access MultiUpload. There's a thread on XDA of people reporting it down also.

    Mass hysteria to ensue?

    Download everything you deem important now IMO. For it could all be gone. You just never know. Our dedicated server has 30tb of bandwidth a month and we're probably only using 150gb currently. Time to host a few important files I think.

    If you had anything important from MegaUpload/MultiUpload that needs to be reuploaded, please use the contact form and let me know.


    EDIT: It looks like MultiUpload is back up.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Alright now should we start worrying? (MultiUpload down?) started by chrisngrod View original post
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