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  • Am I in an area where I can use a flashed phone?

    Since there are still issues with people trying to flash phones where Cricket does not have a home market, I made this video.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Android Flashing CheckList started by Dina View original post
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    1. 117micc's Avatar
      117micc -
      So I am in 21921 and 21001 zip and it says we should be able to use lashed fones yet my 3g on my sprint evo 3D never works, well sometimes ill get like 4 kbs and then it shuts off on me :/ lemme know what im doing wrong
    1. horsepower's Avatar
      horsepower -
      Nice, very detail and to the point. Dina you are the best. Gap nest tuva!
    1. girlblue's Avatar
      girlblue -
      you are queen, thank you Dina !
    1. MrsHall's Avatar
      MrsHall -
      How can I flash my sprint Motorola photon to cricket?
    1. rsdin559's Avatar
      rsdin559 -
      Flashing is for CDMA phones. Cricket is no longer CDMA. If your Sprint phone has GSM capability and the proper frequencies, then you can put in a Cricket SIM and it will work. It may not work fully, but it will work. If not, it won't. When Cricket was transitioning to GSM, there were lots of posts about what will work and what frequency bands they use. If you search for your phone, you most likely will find info on it. Good luck.
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