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  • Apple iPad 2 CDMA Flash to Cricket Wireless (Internet)

    Tethering a wifi iPad works, however having native cellular service is really nice. You're not putting a strain on the device which is acting as the hotspot. Usually that device tends to be a phone with little battery life to begin with. It also gives you instant access vs having to set up the hotspot every time you choose to utilize it.

    We used an iPad 2 with iOS 5.1.1. Naturally this is a little easier to configure than the iPhone 4 because you're not concerned with talk/text/MMS.

    Items Required:

    Install or extract all of the programs listed above (3).

    Jailbreak using Absinthe

    Plug the device into your computer while it is in a normal on state.

    NOTE: Make sure you already have iTunes installed.

    Watch the video below:

    Cydia should already be installed.

    Install OpenSSH (required for use with DFS CDMA Tool)


    We're going to use DiskAid to replace some files on the iPad. This will also replace the PRL. CDMA Tool can also change the PRL, but I prefer to do it manually.

    • Open DiskAid.
    • Navigate to File System > Root > System > Library > Carrier Bundles > iPad > 310VZW. NOTE: This shortcut is the same as Zeppelin_US.bundle
    • Select all the files in this folder and right click. Choose "Copy to PC" and find a location to back these items up.
    • Delete all the files from your iPad. Use the "Files for Cricket" zip that was downloaded in the first section. Drag and drop these items into the iPad. If you want to replace the PRL (42600 included), just delete the carrier.prl and paste in your own. Rename it carrier.prl.

    Install CommCenter

    This is needed to change carrier logos. Since we're not trying to get MMS working with the iPad 2, it's really an unnecessary step if you don't care for the Cricket branding.

    The following information came from amoamare and was posted on I have installed the bundle on a few versions (5.1, 4.2.6, 5.0.1). Don't hold him responsible for anything. He posts more on CDMA Gurus and it would behoove you to look through all of his posts there (Search Results - CDMA Gurus)


    Add Repo (Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add)

    Install the CommCenter patch for your version of iOS.

    Using DFS CDMA Tool

    NOTE: The credit costs $150 for this device.

    You will need a wireless router at this point. The computer has to have access to the Internet as well (most people will just connect both devices to their home/business router). The devices have to be on the same subnet (ie So one device could be and one could be for example. The iPad has to be plugged into a computer that has had iTunes installed (for drivers).

    Settings > General > Auto-Lock (never)

    • Launch DFS CDMA Tool.
    • Click ports. Be advised that I keep the log running just so I can see what is going on.

    • Click determine Apple port if you don't have the device coming up already.
    • Go ahead and let it connect. If you get some errors you might want to put the iPad in airplane mode, take it off, and then try again.
    • Go ahead and double click the device when it comes up in devices online at the bottom. If nothing happens, click the x in this window. It should have be connected (check the upper left corner). On the bottom left corner you should see that the device is online (green).
    • Hit "account" in the upper right corner.

    • A window will appear with your balance and other information. Hit "Get ID". The iPad information should come up. You will need $150 in credits to flash this device. Hit activate and it will warn you about that. Continue.
    • Next you will need to go to the Programming tab. Then under this go to the data tab.

    • Hit read to provide yourself a template. You want your settings to look similar to below. Make sure you choose RevA vs Rev0. Throughput was around .5mbps with Rev0 and over 2mbps with RevA. Of course you will use your 10 digit PHONE number Take not of the checkboxes by the password field. They are NOT checked. After you're done hit write.

    • Move to the Mobile IP tab. Hit read again. You want the settings to look like this. The blacked out fields are your PHONE number Take not of the checkboxes by the password. They are not checked. When you're done hit "write current profile settings" and the write button as well.

    This is all you needed to use CDMA Tool for. You can disconnect it from the computer and wifi now. If the device doesn't get a signal, place it in airplane mode for 10 seconds, and then take it back out. If that doesn't work, reboot.

    Be sure to go to settings > general > about > carrier and tap it. It should go from saying carrier to PRL. That should be a Cricket PRL. If it's not and you have placed a Cricket PRL on the device read below...

    Open up iFile and go to the File System > Root > System > Library > Carrier Bundles > iPad > 310VZW link. NOTE: This shortcut is the same as Zeppelin_US.bundle.

    Tap carrier.plist. Scroll down to PrlPushFlag and turn it on. Hit done. Reset the device. It should not get a singal. Go back and edit the PRLPushFlag. Turn it off. Reboot and your device should be using the Cricket PRL you placed on it.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Apple iPad 2 CDMA Flash to Cricket Wireless (Internet) started by chrisngrod View original post
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