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  • Cricket Wireless Apple iPhone 4/4S Pre-order Now Available

    Who knows if there are going to be crowds standing in front of Cricket's doors next Friday. If you spend the whole day at work, there might not be one left for you. Then again there might be. Either way now you have the option to pre-order the device on Cricket's website.

    Comments 4 Comments
    1. wrutt's Avatar
      wrutt -
      I do not believe that there will be a mad rush bye Cricket customers to beat down the door for the Iphone! They should be blowing up the tv stations with adds to draw in new customers from Verison, AT&T & etc. The average Cricket customer can not afford a $500 phone, I might be wrong about this but it is alot of money and in todays economy most people cannot afford it! I will be curious to see what happens?
    1. djisia402's Avatar
      djisia402 -
      Is phone factory unlocked (GSM part)??
    1. cricKetPimp's Avatar
      cricKetPimp -
      Cricket stores will be opening early on Friday. Corporate stores open at 8 am
    1. Scatterbrain's Avatar
      Scatterbrain -
      I wonder if it's possible to trade in my current Cricket phone to go towards a iPhone 4 or 4s...hmmm
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