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  • AT&T LTE Semi Compatible with Cricket?

    I've included a couple of charts from wiki. They have an article that covers LTE deployments from across the world.

    It looks like AT&T supports:

    AT&T Mobility United States 700 17 No September 2011
    AT&T Mobility United States 1700 4 No September 2011

    and Cricket supports:

    Leap Wireless (Cricket Wireless) United States 1700 4 No December 2011

    I never noticed this, but it suggests that in the future Cricket subscribers might be able to use some of AT&Ts existing LTE network.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Article: AT&T Acquires Cricket Wireless (Leap) started by ArkieKDealer View original post
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    1. dmplus's Avatar
      dmplus -
      Edit** after further research it looks like many of cricket's lte devices do support 700mhz lte. With that being the case it's simply a case of network configuration for those devices to start associating with ATT towers. And since voice isnt handled over LTE there's no worry about handoff.
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