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  • Best Value: Differences between $35 PayGo, $45 Standard, and $55 Android plans

    I understand the Cricket website has their definitions of the different plans, but they are biased and have a sales pitch in their definitions. Can I get users of these different plans to comment on the features?

    I currently pay for the $55 Android plan and don't think I'm getting the best value from Cricket based on what they offer. My data speeds average 0.90-1.40 Mpbs DL(unthrottled) and 0.08-0.10 Mpbs (throttled).

    -Plan Descriptions-

    $1/$2/$3 per day PayGo plans: talk/text/internet/mms/roaming/slow data; requires $0.25/daily add-on for wap; pay $0.10 for outgoing texts unless you use Google Voice for texting.

    - in this thread: 1st page, post #7, user Whitefiretiger gives a very detailed explanation of the PayGo(the $1/$2/$3 per day plans)

    $35 PayGo plan: talk/text/internet/mms/roaming charges/slow data speeds; think this plan is not listed on the Cricket website. You have to call into customer service for it. See below.

    - in thread located here : 1st page, post #4 and #12, user Nukicks says he gets unlimited talk/text/pix/web for $35 on PayGo; 2nd page, post #19, user 154-4bdu114h tells how to get the $35 PayGo plan

    - in thread located here : user Nukicks has more info about this $35 PayGo plan. Looks to be identical to $45 Standard plan except $10 cheaper!

    $45 Standard: talk/text/internet/mms/slow data speeds

    $55 Android: talk/text/internet/mms/high speed data; will get throttled after 1GB data soft cap and DL speeds slow down to same as other plans


    Are there any differences, other than price, between the $35 PayGo and the $45 Standard plans? Unanswered, but based on this(post #4 and #12), it appears there are no differences in features

    Do the $35 PayGo and the $45 Standard plans include data throttling after hitting soft caps? This was answered. These plans have data throttling.

    Once I'm getting throttled, is there any benefit to having the $55 Android plan versus one of these cheaper plans above? it appears that there is no benefit; I have been testing for a couple days between the Android plan DL speed and the $35/$45 plan DL speeds. I am throttled and DL speeds are the same on either plan. I did this using mraabhimself's GreenK45 apk and enabling/disabling.

    Can some of the $35 and $45 plan users post your DL speeds that you average and streaming experiences with Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, etc.? One user answered that he has maxed out 850kbps on the PayGo, but it will vary by location.


    I'm just starting to gather the information, but it looks like there are minor differences in the $35 PayGo, $45 Standard, and $55 Android plans. If you don't mind the work in setting up your APN settings, etc., the $35 and/or $45 plans seem to give the same features as the $55 including talk/text/internet/market/mms. The major difference I see is the $55 Android will give you much faster DL speeds until you hit your 1GB soft cap. Once the cap is hit, they are all equal. I may be wrong in this info here and will update it if so.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Best Value: Differences between $35 PayGo, $45 Standard, and $55 Android plans started by ksechrest View original post
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