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  • Could These Kyocera Devices Be Next On Cricket's Muve Music Plan?

    Neil Rapaport posted Cricket Wireless Custom PikCards on Facebook yesterday with the Kyocera logo imprinted on them, giving us the suspicion that a new Kyocera Muve Music device will be headed to Cricket Wireless soon. Indica, a member of our forum, posted links to the Kyocera Honey Bee and the Kyocera Digno, 2 new devices the FCC just passed. Could this just be a coincidence or are these phones the next Muve Music Device?

    Specifications of the devices can be found posted below:
    Kyocera Honey Bee
    Kyocera Digno

    Comments 3 Comments
    1. Dina's Avatar
      Dina -
      Oh Kyocera. I thought Cricket betrayed it for low end ZTE phones, but guess big brother is coming back.
    1. knewsom32's Avatar
      knewsom32 -
      I think the Honey Bee phones are cuuute. I think they would sell great at Cricket... For the younger kids of course. The Digno looks like a mans phone...
    1. Woof's Avatar
      Woof -
      My AM told me yesterday there were some new android handsets coming soon so these may be them.
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