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  • Cricket Blogs About Top 6 Cell Phone Myths

    Top 6 Cell Phone Myths

    Posted 4/14/2011 at 10:16 AM | Source Cricket Wireless

    The popularity of cell phones has caused a storm of myths and urban legends. Some of those myths have been routinely debunked by researchers and tenacious laymen. Other myths, however, continue to persist without any evidence to prove or disprove them adequately. Regardless of whether these myths are true or false, they play an important part in the way that society views cell phones. Here's our take on the top 6 cell phone myths.

    1. Cell Phones Cause Gas Station Fires

    This myth is so pervasive that many gas stations post signs telling people to keep their cell phones in their cars while filling up. The American Petroleum Institute and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, however, have said that cell phones don't cause gas stations, or anything else, to explode.

    2. Cell Phones Cause Cancer

    All kinds of things can cause cancer. Supposedly, cell phones give off radiation that increase a personís risk for brain and other cancers. The National Cancer Institute points out that most major studies have shown that no connection exists between cell phone use and cancer risk. Of course, a handful say cell phones do increase risk. Until more definitive evidence settles the debate, youíll just have to make up your own mind.

    3. Cell Phones Interfere With Medical Equipment

    According to the Medical Devices Agency in the UK, only about 4% of medical devices are affected by cell phone signals. Even then, you have to be within a few feet to have a significant effect. Itís more likely that hospitals donít want you using your cell phone because of patient confidentiality regulations.

    4. The Government Uses Cell Phones to Spy on People

    There is software that can turn your phone into a tool for spying (Flexispy is probably the most popular option). However, there isn't any evidence to suggest that the government uses this software to spy on you.

    5. A Special Code Can Unlock More Battery Power

    Your battery has as much power as it has. There isnít a special code that will unlock extra juice, even for emergency calls. The most popular urban legend claims "*3370#" as the code. Give it a try and see what happens (Hint: nothing).

    6. You Can Use a Cell Phone to Unlock a Car

    Mythbusters definitively debunked this one. According to this myth, you can have someone use your spare keyless entry remote over the phone. The cell phone will send the signal to your car, unlocking the door. Thereís just one big problem: these devices use completely incompatible signals. The keyless entry uses radio waves, while the cell phone uses sound waves, so this trick won't work.

    Although some of the rumors about cell phones are false, others are left open to interpretation. As cell phone technology advances, there is little doubt that new rumors will sprout in the news and online. When you encounter them, you can do your own research to decide whether you believe them or not.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Cricket Blogs About Top 6 Cell Phone Myths started by MCF-News View original post
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