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  • Cricket Wireless - Free Visual Voicemail via Google Voice (Tutorial)

    The purpose of this video/writeup is to get visual voicemail working with Cricket for no additional fees. This tutorial can actually be used by people on Sprint, Verizon, ATT, Tmobile, etc. Your network codes may vary to get your phone number to forward to Google Voice though.

    NOTE: Remember that it requires a data connection to check your visual voicemail. If you do not have a good signal, just call your Google Voice number and check it the traditional way.

    Visual Voicemail Definition:

    From Wikipedia

    Visual voicemail
    is voice mail with a visual interface. Such an interface presents a list of messages for playback and may include a transcript of each message. In recent months, several companies in the telecommunications space have integrated a visual element into their voicemail services. The most prominent usage of this technology is found in[citation needed] Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Instinct and the Blackberry Storm and Torch.

    Other phone system vendors are now also offering these features for internal voicemail users. This complements the basic voicemail to e-mail or via SMS to mobile devices which is becoming ubiquitous in that it allows better management of voicemail messages without clogging up the user's inbox and saves time filtering spam.

    One way to use visual voicemail is via mobile client applications. T-Mobile International launched the service as Mobilbox Pro in August 2009 for a range of Symbian S60 devices with announcement to support further phones including Windows Mobile and Android devices.

    In April 2009, OMTP created a Technical Recommendation[1] for an open and standardised visual voice mail (VVM) interface protocol which VVM clients may use to interact with a voicemail server. The key functions of this interface are the support of message retrieval, message upload, VVM management, greeting management and provisioning. The document intention is to ensure that standard functionality of voice mail servers may be accessed through a range of VVM clients via the defined interface. This approach leaves scope for operators/carriers and vendors to differentiate their products.

    In 2010, Google Voice became available without invitation. As a voicemail application on Google's Android platform, it can assume control of the visual voicemail functionality in place of a carrier's own application.

    From PhoneScoop

    A feature that displays a visual interface for voicemail. This interface will list all current voicemail messages on the phone's display, along with options for playing and managing messages. This allows messages to be played and/or deleted quickly, in any order.

    By comparison, standard voicemail (not visual) uses an audio-only interface, where users must listen to each message in order, and respond to voice prompts with touch-tone menu commands. (Press 7 to delete, etc.)

    Signing up for Google Voice and Associating it with Your Phone

    First you must sign up for a Google Voice number if you have not already. Visit If you have a Gmail account, you can use this to login. If not, start a new account. Check your carrier to see if they will let you forward to any number. FOR CRICKET you must forward to a local phone number. To be on the safe side, I'd say choose the same area code if there are multiple ones in your area (chime in if you've experimented with anything else IE for Houston 832, 281, or 713).

    From Google:

    Choosing your Google number

    Google Voice lets you choose a new phone number that stays with you, not a device or location. Your Google Voice number won't be your exisiting mobile device or landline number; you select a new number when signing up, which you can use for all your phones.
    Ready to sign up for Google Voice? Here's how the process works, and some tips for choosing and setting up your number (click on the blue links for information about each step):

    1. Go to the Google Voice website and sign in using your Google account. (If you don't have a Google account you can create one.
    2. You'll be prompted to choose whether you want a new number or you want to use your existing number. Choose I want a new number. Learn more about the difference between the two options:
    3. Search for your new Google number and once you've chosen one click Continue. Tips for finding a new Google number
    4. Choose a PIN to use to retrieve your messages and access your Google Voice settings from any phone.
    5. Enter a forwarding phone number (this is the phone that will ring when someone calls your Google Voice number) and select a type from the 'Phone type' drop-down menu. Learn more about how forwarding phone numbers work
    6. Verify your phone. You'll see a numerical code along with a Call Me Now button. When you click the button, we'll call your forwarding phone and ask you to enter the code on the screen so we know the phone number you gave us is the right one.

    Congratulations! Your Google number is all set up. You can choose to add more phones to forward to or take a look around the Google Voice inbox.
    Setting Up "Call Forwarding No Answer" on your Cricket Account

    Next, set your phone up to forward when you don't pick up to your Google Voice number. Cricket's information is listed below.

    From Cricket:

    App Install

    If you have an Android device, go to your Market and search for "Google Voice". Install it and set it up with your account information. You're done! You can add widgets to your home screen if you desire.

    If you have a Windows Phone, install GoVoice. Supposedly they stopped the paid version so you won't be able to have notifications pushed to your phone. This is quite unfortunate. We'll update this if we figure out any other program that provides the kind of functionality Google's Android program does. I'd add a shortcut to your homescreen also.


    Now you have Visual Voicemail on Cricket. This is a feature some people pay extra for, but in my opinion, you can't beat Google voice (for now at least). Remember that it requires a data connection to check your visual voicemail. If you do not have a good signal, just call your Google Voice number and check it the traditional way.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Cricket Wireless - Free Visual Voicemail via Google Voice (Tutorial) started by chrisngrod View original post
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    1. mau5hax's Avatar
      mau5hax -
      Thank you for this easy tutorial. The lack of a visual voicemail notification on my evo was bothering me.
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