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  • Cricket Wireless Samsung Galaxy S5 for $294.99 and S4 for $214.99

    Cricket Wireless is having a huge sale on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. However, at the time of this post they are coming up as out of stock already. Who got in on this deal?

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Cricket Wireless Samsung Galaxy S5 for $294.99 and S4 for $214.99 started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
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    1. rsdin559's Avatar
      rsdin559 -
      I got the Lumia 1320 for the wife on Black Friday, $99, so I wasn't able (wife's rules) to do the Galaxy deal on Cyber Monday for myself. It started at 6am eastern time, I believe.
    1. cjreyes666's Avatar
      cjreyes666 -
      To bad you can't get the deals at the stores.
    1. scott717's Avatar
      scott717 -
      I tried several hours ago, and it was out of stock. Plus it said for new activations only. If I purchase an unlocked s5 somewhere else can I activate it using the video you posted?
    1. rsdin559's Avatar
      rsdin559 -
      The deal was extended to today. But, there are only S4s available.
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      They will prob do a complete price dump on models they are geting rid of after xmas also in an attempt to get cricket users off the cdma system.
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      I wonder if people will be coming back to Cricket now that Page Plus announced the end of most flashed devices on their system.
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      Probably. This buisness model off using flashed phones works for small part of society that wants cheaper phones or customized phones or is just happy with their old phone. Yet, the coorporations want turnover in phone buying so they make more money. Less flashed phones = more bought phones.
    1. rsdin559's Avatar
      rsdin559 -
      Did anyone actually score a new phone on Cyber Monday? After a month, they cancelled my order for the Lumia 1320 and declared that they oversold their inventory. Serious, it took them a month to figure it out. Still trying to get the Wife's number back. Bought a ZTE Grand X, which isn't up to snuff in the camera/display department for the wife. So I ordered her a Note III off eBay. That should keep her happy. But, I haven't heard from anyone actually getting one of the deals.
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