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  • Cricket Wireless Visual Voicemail Setup - Android

    As a former AIO user, I'm pretty familiar with this feature. They've carried it over for Cricket Wireless.


    Set Up Visual Voicemail for Android

    The navigation bar lets you access your Unread, Read, and Favorites, along with your Greeting.

    • Unread: New messages or messages not yet reviewed.
    • Read: Previously reviewed messages.
    • Favorites: Messages marked as favorites. These messages are saved and will not be automatically deleted after 14 days.
    • Greetings: Review current greeting, change greeting type, and record a new greeting.

    If you recently upgraded your device, you'll need to download the app to your new phone.

    Download Cricket Visual Voicemail app for Android:

    Voicemail Setup

    You will be taken through a simple tutorial.

    1. Launch the app, read End User License Agreement and tap Accept.
    2. Select a PIN, leave current PIN field empty. Tap Next.
    3. Select greeting type and record a greeting if needed. Tap Next.
    4. Setup is complete.

    Inbox Activity

    • Messages are displayed in your inbox.
    • Click on any message to manage it.
    • You can listen to it and move it to your favorites folder to permanently save.
    • You can call back the sender of the message, or send a text or email if available from your contact list.

    Tap the arrow key to play your message. You can pause, playback or fast forward through your messages.

    Playback can be toggled between earpiece and speakerphone by using the speakerphone icon on the left.


    Cricket Visual Voicemail application settings are accessible by touching the Menu key on your device and tapping Settings.

    You can change your PIN, change how you receive voicemail notifications, and define the grouping of messages.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Cricket Wireless Visual Voicemail Setup - Android started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
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