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  • Cyber Monday Deals

    Here's where you can post what Cyber Monday deals you find. I am set up to receive emails from quite a few phone case producers so I have quite a few I can post. Feel free to post ANY type of deal you come across.

    Incipio (Click Here):

    1. Free Standard Shipping
    2. 25% off iPod touch 5g feather cases
    3. 60% off iPad cases
    4. 70% off Macbook Sleeves
    5. 70% off Essential Kits
    6. 60% off bags
    7. 70% off HTC One X cases
    8. 50% off Macbook Cases
    9. 60% off Feather Cases for iPhone 4/4s
    10. 60% off Amazon Kindle Cases
    11. 50% off Stanley Cases
    12. 60% off Galaxy S3 Cases
    13. 50% off headphones

    Seidio (Click Here):

    Free standard shipping and 15% off store. Must use the coupon code: CYBERMONDAY2012

    Zagg (Click Here):

    1. 50% off Screen Protectors
    2. 20% off Keyboards
    3. 50% off portable power
    4. 50% off iFrogz cases
    5. 50% off iFrogz headphones
    6. 50% off iFrogz earbuds

    Case-Mate (Click Here):

    Save up to 50% off everything. Go to the link above & scratch at the snow on the window & it will reveal your code + how much you get off an item. I believe all codes are different so I'm not posting mine.

    Trident Case (Click Here):

    35% off the whole website. Be sure to click the link above & enter code THANKS. I personally like these cases. I've done a review on the Kraken A.M.S case for the Galaxy Nexus also.

    Otterbox (Click Here):

    Apparently the Otterbox Cyber Monday deal is a free waterproof drybox 2000 with a purchase of 25 dollars or more. I've never seen one of these but it could be of use. It's one day only so if you want this you might want to do it now while it's hot.

    Otterbox now has a feature where you can build your own case (choose your colors) for a limited time. Right now it's only for the 4/4s but I'll keep checking at later times to see if it's upgraded to other cases as well.

    Spigen (Click Here):

    Spigen has 30% off sitewide. Just use the code mentioned above. CYBER30

    Chris has also done a few reviews on the Spigen line. Be sure to check out YouTube channel for those.

    Cricket Wireless (Click Here):

    1. ZTE Chorus is only $29.99 with free overnight shipping
    2. ZTE Groove is $109.99
    3. Huawei Pillar is $29.99
    4. Samsung Galaxy S3 for $479.99 ($70 web discount only)

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Cyber Monday Deals started by knewsom32 View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. knewsom32's Avatar
      knewsom32 -
      Nexus 7 32gb for 230 on eBay. Plus free shipping. I realize it says see product details at checkout but this was posted on another website. Price was there.

      Link is here: Asus Google Nexus 7 ASUS-1B32 32GB Tablet - Quad-core Tegra 3 Processor 886227342402 | eBay
    1. salas's Avatar
      salas -
      Best buy has SanDisk ultra class 10 32gb micro sd card 17$ free shipping. It's on back order though.

      Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
    1. PoopooTickler's Avatar
      PoopooTickler -
      At first I didn't find anything I wanted for Cyber Monday then I got a link for Buffy the Vampire Slayers dvds. Got seasons 1-6 for $35.94 total plus free shipping.
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