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  • Double Your Data for Non-LTE Smartphone Plans - Free

    Cricket is now offering double your data plans for all smartphone owners. Even if your device is not LTE capable or you do not reside in an LTE market.

    For new customers, you will automatically receive the doubled data. If you are a current customer, have a Cricket representative refresh your plan to receive double the data.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Double Your Data for Non-LTE Smartphone Plans - Free started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
    Comments 25 Comments
    1. LaCarlis23's Avatar
      LaCarlis23 -
      Wow thats neat I have to call and take advantage of that.
    1. graciem's Avatar
      graciem - cousin gave me a lg spectrum 2 v-930 4g.. for FREE and i cant use it on cricket.. i dont wanna go to verizon.. ugh! guess it goes on sale at ebay.. dang! bu they double data is exciting!
    1. cjreyes666's Avatar
      cjreyes666 -
      Wow cricket is getting better
    1. santo's Avatar
      santo -
      ok already changed the same plan 2.5 gb
    1. sn1p3r75's Avatar
      sn1p3r75 -
      Is this Cricket wide or in select areas?
    1. sn1p3r75's Avatar
      sn1p3r75 -
      Guess it's Cricket wide..just got my 10gigs! Sweet deal!! Hmmmm..wonder if this is an AT&T incentive.
    1. dq5050's Avatar
      dq5050 -
      i changed mine and now i have five gigs man im happy keep it up Cricket.
    1. weezyb53's Avatar
      weezyb53 -
      This is great news, but when I go into my account and look at my PLAN is says: $60 Double Data Muve Smart LTE, so does that mean already have it? Will they give me more if I contact customer service?

    1. proudmami's Avatar
      proudmami -
      Awesome I am soooo needing this extra data!!
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      I just signed into my account online and it was already bumped up to 2560mb. I didnt call anybody and ask for it.
    1. armendariz4prez's Avatar
      armendariz4prez -
      Is this only for Non-LTE plans, I live in a non LTE market and have an LTE plan but I only have one GB. Ive called to refresh but I still dont get double GB's
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      I'm on lte.

      sent from SP's vanilla 1.1 ROM
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -

      If you already have an LTE device in an LTE area, you should have a limit of 2.5, 5, or 10gb already.

      This is only for those who were still on the 3G plans which had half the data.

      There is no way to double to 5, 10, or 20gb to my knowledge without incurring extra fees.
    1. tazdev's Avatar
      tazdev -
      I tried to talk to customer service and they said it was only for new customers after August 4th. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, he said the same thing. I told them that the website said nothing about new customers only and he said that we were just going around in circles and when he threatened to hang up if I wouldn't leave the issue alone, I asked for his name then he hung up. I did not raise my voice at all although I was quite clear what I though was right. Any suggestions?

      ---------- Post added at 11:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:57 AM ----------

      Called back asked to talk to a higher supervisor. The customer service rep asked it he could find out what happened so that he could let his supervisor know and the rep fixed the problem while I was talking to him. I still may contact Cricket corporate to complain about being hung up on though.
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      Attachment 4507

      This document shows why it shouldn't be an issue.
    1. dq5050's Avatar
      dq5050 -
      Hey I called and they changed mine with no problem so I got success and you can too
    1. sonasam300's Avatar
      sonasam300 -
      They must be overloaded cause I can't get thru on the phone or the web. Twice the data is real big on the $50 lte plan I'm on.

      Sent from my SCH-R530C using Tapatalk 2
    1. BoredOOMM's Avatar
      BoredOOMM -
      I am on the $50 LTE plan and I do not see the huge numbers online that are reported in this thread. I renew the month on the 21st and have used only 30% of what shows to be the 1 GB plan. (I did not have time to see if I can get the extra data added yet).

      Is this a glitch?!?
    1. sonasam300's Avatar
      sonasam300 -
      Boredoom. You might have to call cricket like I had to do. I went from 1gb of hsdata to 2.5 gb. More than I will ever need. Cool

      Sent from my SCH-R530C using Tapatalk 2
    1. rocketman's Avatar
      rocketman -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chris Rodriguez View Post
      Attachment 4507

      This document shows why it shouldn't be an issue.
      Called in & read the attached document to them & they updated my account with no problem 2 lines on the $60.00 plan. Until I read the document to them, they did not know what I was talking about.

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