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  • Droid 4 Advertises 16GB Internal Storage But Only Reports 8GB - Here's why

    SOURCE: Engadget

    After the numerous leaks that preceded the Droid 4's launch, you'd think we'd have a handle on every detail (read the review here) but some day one buyers have one more question. While the spec sheets indicate 16GB of internal storage, a few readers noticed their units only report 8GB. So why the variance in what's being reported and what the phones actually show? While Android vets may be used to this, not all are aware of how some phones are partitioned, and Motorola has opted to go with an 8GB for the user / 3GB for apps / 5GB for OS and updates split (just like the Razr). So the phones do have the 16GB you were promised, it's just how it's being used that may not be immediately evident -- and now you know.

    [Thanks, Chaz]

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