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  • EVO 4G On Its Way Out?

    SOURCE: TechnoBuffalo

    As Sprint prepares to release several new devices, it appears that a select few have reached the end of their rope. Sprintís latest End-of-Life (EOL) listing reveals that the Now Network plans on doing away with a few feature phones, but most notably are the listings for the HTC EVO 4G (black), LG Marquee and LG Optimus S (purple). Weíve seen the original HTC EVO 4G on this list for quite a while, but itís always managed to be delayed due to its popularity. But with a true successor finally on its way, it looks like this oldie but goody is finally ready to retire.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with EOL lists, it basically means that a carrier is stopping orders on hardware for the listed devices in order to make room for new products. Once the carrier exhausts its current inventory, its retail locations will only support product replacements. Should that stock run out, the carrier may possibly offer comparable replacements in the event of an insurance claim. These ill-fated devices are expected to slow down later this month.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: EVO 4G On Its Way Out? started by knewsom32 View original post
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. rockon0921's Avatar
      rockon0921 -
      Evo, best phone ever!!!! Will be missed.
    1. smitty68521's Avatar
      smitty68521 -
      If Sprint is switching to LTE I can see the EVO being EOL soon. The new "EVO" that is coming out is gonna be sick. I have seen a few videos on this.

      I think it is crazy how Sprint can have the best phones through HTC while Verizon doesn't get nearly as good phones from them. That's my opinion anyway.
    1. Ulver's Avatar
      Ulver -
      I agree as well. I just switched to Verizon amazing, worth every penny. pay about 30 bucks more than sprint but amazing service and customer service, I am sure I will have future issues but hopefully they will address them good. anyways I hope they do get better phones. I switch carriers and sprint gets some good planned phones darn them!!
    1. Dexslab's Avatar
      Dexslab -
      this is old news they have been phasing out the evo since bout january
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