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  • Flash VZW HTC Rezound/Vigor Full Flash to Cricket Wireless (talk,text,MMS,Internet)

    Ok guys this is how I got my HTC Rezound fully flashed (No MMS check link below for possible solution). This is my first attempt at writing a tutorial so bare with me. I did this without having a SIM card installed. Remember I take no responsibility if you damage your phone using these instructions/files/programs. You do it at your own risk. I just wanted to share how I got mine working since I could not find a tutorial for the Rezound. A hand full of places in town where I live charge $80 to $100 and claim it takes 5 hours! So this is my way of doing it on the cheap! Thanks go to Oriax123 as his tutorial on the Thunderbolt was my starting place. Also thanks to rob318 for helping me figure out the EVDO and his help with teamviewer got the Rez done.

    The rest of the tutorial can be found here:

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Flash VZW HTC Rezound/Vigor Full Flash to Cricket Wireless (talk,text,MMS,Internet) started by kr8zeivan View original post
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