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  • Full Flash HTC Incredible to Cricket Wireless (talk, text, mms, internet)

    First of all this tutorial utilized a great ROM by token419 of XDA.

    The Droid Incredible has a nice form factor, a visible screen, onboard user memory, and a 1ghz processor. It's a pretty good Android device.

    You'll notice that yes, this tutorial covers using the $45 or $55 Android plan.

    Let it be known that sometimes Cricket says they have put you on the $55 Android plan, but they put you on the All in 55 Plan (5m5). This is not where you want to be. You're paying 10 more bucks a month for absolutely nothing over the 45 dollar plan.

    We offer plan change for free to forum members. Just use the contact us link at the very bottom of this page. Premier Supporters of the forum receive additional benefits such as free ESN changes on your account. No more paying $15 everytime you change phones. To become a Premier/Supporting Member, just go to the settings up top and find Paid Subscriptions on the left hand side. Choose a membership level of your liking. Also use the contact us form for any modifications you need made to your account or additional help.

    Anyways moving right along. We'll establish the items that you will need. This is usually similar across the board.

    NOTE: At the very end we'll include some wireless tethering instructions.

    A. QPST (

    B. HTC Diagnostic drivers for the Incredible (attached on this thread [32 and 64 bit])

    C A Windows PC with either win7, XP or Vista plus your Evo with a USB cord.

    D. PRL (

    E. CDMA workshop (google) OR to get the MSL (aka SPC) if you don't know it already. Alternative would be MSL reader from the Market or attached below.

    F. Anycut (attached below or on the Market), u2nl/autostart which are available at, or (my favorite) GreenK45.

    G. Latest version of Unrevoked to root the phone. (available at ... currrently working with 3.32)

    H. Token419's (XDA) Cricket Incredible ROM:

    I. Android SDK which includes ADB drivers. (Android SDK | Android Developers)


    Install HBOOT drivers onto your computer. This is the tutorial and download location from Unrevoked.

    Windows HBOOT driver installation instructions
    (you don't really have to preinstall them, you can do it during the running of Unrevoked)

    • Download the unrEVOked modified USB driver and expand it somewhere you will remember.
    • Turn off your phone, then boot it into the HBOOT menu by holding power and volume down.
      • On Incredible 4G, you will have to select HBOOT USB at that menu by pressing volume down four times, then power. Wait until the screen flashes through an “SD Checking” message before pressing buttons; otherwise, the phone will ignore keypresses.

    • Connect the phone to your Windows machine with a USB cable and wait for the phone to say HBOOT USB PLUG on screen.
    • Open Device Manager.
      • Click Start, then right click on Computer, then click Properties, then click Device Manager.

    • Under Other devices, you should now see the Android 1.0 device, similar to the picture below.

    • Right click on Android 1.0 and click Update Driver Software. You should then be at the following screen:

    • Click on Browse my computer for driver software.

    • Click on Browse and select the Android USB Driver folder on on your computer, click ok, then click next.
    • You should get a status bar indicating that the driver is installing. If you get any warnings, just click Ok.
    • Your driver should install and your screen will look like below.

    • Click Close and make sure Android Bootloader Interface is listed under Android Phone.

    Thank you brucekey for the screen captures.

    Boot your Incredible normally and turn on USB debugging. This should be under settings > applications > development. It'll throw up a warning but proceed. Nothing to be concerned about.

    Install the drivers like you would for any other device. Don't search. You want to specify the location you placed these drivers at. You're installing the drivers that came with the Android SDK.

    Once the device is installed run Unrevoked. It'll detect the Incredible and a pop up screen will come up. Continue and the device will be rooted, and a recovery will be installed (Clockworkmod Recovery specifically). Just let the program run it's course. If there are any errors, I suggest just running it once more.

    ROM Install and SPC/MSL Obtaining

    Place the newest version of Token419's Cricket Incredible ROM in the root of your SDCard. Note that this is a 2.2 Froyo ROM and that installation is optional. There are methods to get MMS if you're not using it.

    Boot the Incredible into recovery by pressing the down volume key, holding it, and then pushing the power key. Use the volume keys to go to recovery and then the power to select it.

    You should load up Clockworkmod Recovery now (green lettering everywhere). Wipe user data and cache (yes, you'll lose whatever you have on the Incredible now... if you need to backup your contacts, hopefully you put them on your Gmail, but if not just export them to your SD).

    Then select install from SDCard. You will choose the location from your SDCard and continue. It'll load up the new ROM. Once complete back out to the menu that allows you to reboot.

    Go ahead and reboot at this time. Give the system at least 8 minutes to load up. If there is a problem at this point, go back into Clockworkmod and try clearing user data and cache again.

    Skip through all these screens on the Incredible until you are at the home screen. Go into the phone dialer and hit ##3424#. You might have to hit talk after this. It'll cause the phone to go into DIAG mode. You'll see the device on your computer. Use the diagnostic drivers (specify their specific location) to complete the install.


    This is the point where you will be using QPST. Use this tutorial to setup the Incredible correctly. Note that the mobile IP behavior must be Simp or you will get errors on your Evo from time to time.

    Ignore any NV read errors you get when writing to the phone.

    ( )

    Once you get done with this part, talk and text will work. If you are on the $55 Android the Internet should work.

    For the $45 plan you must do the following to get Internet.

    UPDATE: The easiest way to setup proxies is via Green45APK ( This was developed by a trusted member of My Cricket Forum, is outstanding, and a solution that was long overdue. His generosity by releasing this free of charge is greatly appreciated.

    Alternate Method...

    Before starting the next step make sure you have the u2nl file in your this folder c:\android\tools and also that you have you file in this folder c:\android\tools
    Now go to command prompt and type the following commands,

    cd c:\android\tools
    adb shell
    mkdir /data/opt/
    adb remount
    adb push c:\android\tools\u2nl /system/bin/u2nl
    adb push c:\android\tools\ /data/opt/
    adb shell
    chmod 0755 /system/bin/u2nl
    chmod 0755 /data/opt/
    adb reboot

    Install Autostart from the Market or download it form the bottom of this post and install it. Reboot the phone (sometimes it will take more than 1 reboot) and give the Superuser Permission box a few seconds to pop up. Autostart will be looking for permission. Grant it.

    Alternate method is to install Anycut and make a shortcut to the activity Proxy Settings. That will place a shortcut on your homescreen to these settings. If you put and port 8080 the Internet should work. I've had less than stellar luck with this. Autostart and u2nl are preferred.

    That is the end of the instructions for the $45 plan.


    Should work out of the box! If not, try below.

    We're attaching the XML file that includes the APN settings in this thread. Open it up with notepad and you should see the following:

    Just edit the "your10digit#here" part with your phone number and save this.

    Place it on your phone's SDCard under a folder called "apnbackuprestore". Then open the Android App APN Backup and Restore (included in this thread and on the Market) on your Evo. Delete APNs and then restore the Cricket.xml you just modified.

    IF you are on the $45 plan and MMS doesn't work, try this:

    You should have everything working now. Talk, text, MMS, and Internet. There are a few more steps left to enhance the experience. Below is my attempt to fix a step that I left out.


    ROMs other than Token419's (credit goes to timinator94from XDA)

    The mms and telephony files are attached below in the Gingerbread fix zip.

    1) Using root explorer, go to /system/app and delete mms.apk, then put the included mms.apk into /system/app then open and install it.
    2) Using root explorer delete EVERYTHING located in /data/data/ then put the telephony.db file provided in that directory.
    3) Reboot
    4) Profit
    If the above method doesn't work try the following in conjunction with the above.
    1) Flash attached
    2) Install autostart from market
    3) Reboot and select yes at the su prompt at startup.
    4) If you're on the 55 dollar Android plan, reboot a few times and then eventually go into Superuser permissions and deny autostart or uninstall it as you won't need it anymore.

    Google Maps

    You might have to go to the Market and download the newest version of Google Maps for it to work correctly.

    Wireless Tethering

    I've had the best luck with WiFi Tether. Just Google "WiFi Tether Google". If the latest beta version doesn't work, try a more stable, non experimental release.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Full Flash HTC Incredible to Cricket Wireless (talk, text, mms, internet) started by chrisngrod View original post
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