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  • Full Flash a LG Rumor to Cricket (talk, text, MMS, internet)

    Have a rumor laying around? Flash it to Cricket!

    How to Full Flash a LG Rumor to Cricket (talk, text, MMS, internet)
    LX,AX,UX 260 (Rumor)

    By: amoamare

    1. You will need to first start off with a fresh phone and a fully charged battery.
    Unless you use a charging USB Cable Like I do for added safety.

    2. Plug you’re phone into the computer and note comport it is on.

    3. Once you have the correct comport go ahead and connect using CDMA-Workshop and reset the MSL to six 0’s (000000). To do this, follow this guide.

    Set you’re Comport, Press Connect, then click Read. Information of the phone should appear.

    Select the Security Tab, Under SPC/User Lock Select LG Method. Click Read. Press SPC, Send SPC.
    Once confirmed SPC was sent and is correct. Click SPC Write “000000”.

    Select Main Tab, Click on Disconnect and Close CDMA-Workshop
    4. Sprint LX260 – Type ##RTN# (Return to Manufacture) Reset the phone. When asked for SPC enter all zeros (000000)

    5. Other’s – Try the ##RTN# command if this does not work you will need to manually reset the device on the phone itself by going into the security menu of the phone and wiping all information back to defaults.

    6. Once phone is back to defaults Connect phone back to computer. Start LG Downloader follow instructions below.

    7. You need to manually load the LG260CKT.dll. To do so, tell LG Downloader by clicking the icon in red. The Select the icon next to it that says DLL to bring up this screen. (See Next Page)

    8. Click on Tri Mode; Locate LG260, Double Click on it. It will ask to load the dll, click OK.
    Continue On to next Page

    9. You need to click BIN Download (F3)
    A. - Browse for the T26LGV05_CKT.bin Usually found in C:\LG Electronics\LGDownload\Model\LG260
    B. Click on BIN File Download Start.
    C. Click on OK to start the download process.
    D. Wait for phone to completely FLASH.

    10. After flashing the phone with the new bin, you need to write the SCR, PRL, & ERI to the phone in order to brand the phone to cricket. To do so you need to click on SCR Download (F5).

    11. Once phone is done flashing the only step needed to get Internet working is to use CDMA-Workshop and set the USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

    You need to follow the steps for connecting and sending SPC. Once SPC has been sent you can write the USERNAME and PASSWORD using the EVDO tab. Select EVDO set the username to be their and password cricket. Click Write, then click on the MAIN Tab and reset phone then disconnect. ENJOY Your FULLY FLASHED RUMOR.


    LG Download - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    LG Flashing Pack- - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Notes: You can probably use QPST to write the PPP authentication information.

    Original thread here:

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Full Flash a LG Rumor to Cricket (talk, text, MMS, internet) started by chrisngrod View original post
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