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  • Huawei Ascend Q (M5660) Appears on for $119.99

    Here is the information that Cricket has on their website...

    Huawei Ascend Q | Cricket Wireless

    Featuring both a 3.2" capacitive touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard, the dual-technology of the Huawei Ascend Q (M5660) is a unique way to power your connections. With the Huawei Ascend Q, staying connected is easy. Whatís hard is deciding which kind of messaging to use. Thereís text, picture, and video messaging, or simply update your status across your favorite social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Upload content, like photos and videos created with the 3.2MP fixed-focus camera/camcorder to YouTube, Flickr, and even Photobucket. Itís never been easier to share your unique perspective with the Huawei Ascend Q.

    Processor Speed
    800 mhz

    Operating System
    Android Gingerbread (2.3)


    Screen Size

    # Colors

    Camera Resolution
    3.2 megapixel

    1500 mAh

    Standby Time
    Up to 240 hours

    Talk Time
    Up to 250 minutes


    Data Transfer Speed
    EVDO Rev 0

    included accessories

    • 1500 mAh battery
    • 4GB microSD card (3GB for Muve Music)
    • Travel charger/USB cable

    Huawei Ascend Q | Cricket Wireless

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Huawei Ascend Q (M5660) Appears on for $119.99 started by chrisngrod View original post
    Comments 10 Comments
    1. Mr.E's Avatar
      Mr.E -
      what do you know yet another pain in the tail device that is going to keep customers coming back with issues
    1. markworksfx's Avatar
      markworksfx -
      Yea pure garbage
    1. TheKidGio's Avatar
      TheKidGio -
      Smh Cricket is terrible with investing, they should just release some good common phones under Cricket such as a Galaxy phone for cheap...I think they would have a higher demand for Crickets phones then
    1. indica's Avatar
      indica -
      when cricket had the "galaxy" phone, it was not at all cheap. samsung fixes their high end device pricing so it's contract, or ridiculous prices (galaxy indulge msrp $330, galaxy note msrp $800, galaxy s3 msrp $800). i do tend to feel the hardware in such devices are worth paying for, except i'd never be able to pay for it at full retail price. I would also buy a laptop first if i had that money just laying around.

      I have a good feeling about this device. 800MHZ proc. hopefully some decent internal storage space, the screen is not plastic. for $140 suggested retail price this is a very competitive hand set. they are on sale at my store for $50+first month when you switch a competitors number over to cricket.. . seriously 800MHZ for $50? where they do that! Cricket, That's where.

      the down sides i can already see about the ascend q is the fixed focus camera, and lack of LED flash. that is probably just asking too much, as well as a larger battery. I am not expecting more than 150MB on board storage, which also makes me sad and upset cricket can't realize the needs of their customers. especially since the included SD card is a 4GB muve sd card. which means 1GB for the customer and 3GB for a service they must pay for, and are stuck using that card. 1GB is nothing when you take a lot of 3.2MP camera pictures, or want to record your kids recital.
    1. ScoreUser34's Avatar
      ScoreUser34 -
      They need to come out with HTC phones.
    1. dazeone's Avatar
      dazeone -
      HTC one v said to be coming to cricket
      sent from A2 running cm9 beta 3.4
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      Too bad HTC isn't doing so well.

      I like our HTC One X LTE.
    1. Mr.E's Avatar
      Mr.E -
      HTC has not done much with any new necessity feature where the customer has to have one, it just seems like regurgitated EVOs are being spewed out
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      Ordered one yesterday for a complete review. Please state things which you want to be tested (ie Benchmarks, Applications, Speed Test, etc).
    1. Harold's Avatar
      Harold -
      Battery life, for sure. (Needs to be tested.)
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