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  • The Latest on the Huawei Mercury (Also Known as the Huawei Glory and Huawei Honor)

    Image Credit: Woof

    If you haven't been following in the Huawei Mercury forum, there has been a lot going on in regards the Huawei Mercury. There has been an official video posted by Huawei, some pictures from a member on the forum, and much more.

    If you're interested in the Huawei Mercury, we highly suggest you take a look at the Huawei Mercury forum so you have all of the latest information.

    Here is a link to the Huawei Mercury forum:

    Here are two of the latest threads regarding the Huawei Mercury:

    Make sure you read to see some first impressions from one of our members!

    Comments 6 Comments
    1. santo's Avatar
      santo -
      how to get a picture this is the real m886
    1. avenue's Avatar
      avenue -
      Yes, that is the phone. The image credit goes to Woof.
    1. mercedes's Avatar
      mercedes -
      How do you like the phone?
    1. avenue's Avatar
      avenue -
      Quote Originally Posted by mercedes View Post
      How do you like the phone?
      You can take a look at the threads in the Huawei Mercury forum for some first impressions by Woof.
    1. Josue12's Avatar
      Josue12 -
      hey woof would you rather your evo instead of this?
    1. Woof's Avatar
      Woof -
      Quote Originally Posted by Josue12 View Post
      hey woof would you rather your evo instead of this?
      I might consider switching to the Mercury. I still like my Droid X better than the Evo 3d. I'll need to have one in hand for more that 2 min tho to make a real decision.
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