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  • Let's work on LTE support in the US Apple...

    Apple to Expand LTE Support to 36 Additional Carriers in Several Countries

    Wednesday January 23, 2013 3:17 pm PST by Juli Clover
    During today's Financial Results call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that 36 additional carriers will be providing LTE connectivity for the iPhone and the iPad next week.

    "Next week," said Tim Cook, "we're adding 36 more carriers for LTE support. These carriers will be in countries that we are not currently supporting LTE."

    While Cook did not name all 36 carriers that would be getting LTE, he did mention that they are in regions like Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, the Philippines, and the Middle East. Currently, 24 carriers offer LTE for the iPhone and the iPad, in countries like the United States, Australia, South Korea, the U.K., Germany, Canada, and Japan.

    Apple has been slow to roll out LTE connectivity, leading to complaints over the "4G" in the third generation iPad's name when it was released. Apple later changed it to the iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular in response.

    When asked if the slow pace of LTE rollouts has had an impact on iPhone sales, Cook skirted the question, but he did mention the plans to roll out LTE in the aforementioned countries during the next week, and had this to say: "We feel really good about the situation we are in, particularly with these adds next week."

    SOURCE: Mac Rumors

    Unfortunately this round of updates doesn't look like it's for us.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Let's work on LTE support in the US Apple... started by chrisngrod View original post
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. Roosevelt Brooks's Avatar
      Roosevelt Brooks -
      I'm new to this
    1. indica's Avatar
      indica -
      welcome rosevelt, you probably placed your message in the wrong spot and meant to place over in the "meet and greet" topic here
      Meet and Greet

      however on the iphone topic, we are still getting rumors of AWS iphone 5 coming this year. along with 4g coverage in most of cricket's home network footprint
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      Thanks for chiming in and glad to see there are some dealers still around.
    1. alexmo4less's Avatar
      alexmo4less -
      I'm sure there's plenty of dealers around, just not enough time to visit the forums like past times because we have to put so much more effort into keeping the stores running lately. On the topic, hopefully the 5S will support LTE band 4... I would quickly sell this i5 if I knew the next model supported it
    1. accordman's Avatar
      accordman -
      Most areas do not have cricket let still, I think I'd work on that rather then worry about iPhone if I were them

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