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  • Name Change! Huawei Glory Coming to Cricket as Huawei Mercury

    What we have known as the Huawei Glory is going to be coming to Cricket as the Huawei Mercury. You may have also seen the name Huawei Honor around. That is the also the same device, but the name that is being used in other countries. Enjoy some discussion here:

    Here is an article with some information, with the name part in bold:

    CTIA: Breaking Huawei Honor To Debut On Cricket Wireless As Huawei Mercury Before The Holidays

    Weíve just finished our ritual meeting with the great folks at Cricket Wireless here at CTIA. Cricket recently announced that with the addition of Best Buy as a nationwide retailer, they are available in 47 states excluding Wyoming, Montana and Alaska. Thatís a pretty big feat for a carrier that just last year was designated ďWirelessĒ.
    During our meeting I spent nearly an hour talking with Sergio Garcia, Cricketís Sr. Director of Business and Product Management along with Greg Lund and Kevin Foth. Together we talked about the innovation thatís going on with Cricket Wireless. Cricket tends to bring their own devices to market rather than the hand me downs from tier 1 carriers. A perfect example of that is the Samsung Transfix, Samsung Vitality and the forthcoming Huawei Mercury.
    Garcia has been with Cricket for 11 years, coming from LG at that time so heís seen both sides of the Wireless industry. While he acknowledges the fact that there is a need for buying OEM presented phones, he also likes being able to collaborate with OEMís to address the needs of Cricketís customers as well as taking ideas from scratch and telling OEMís to build it.

    More after the break

    In the Huawei Mercury they saw a need to cater to a Cricket customer thatís craving all the tech talk and bells and whistles that other tier 1 carriers are touting. With a 1.4ghz processor and extremely thin form factor the Huawei Mercury will deliver.

    First brought to light by PC Magazines Sascha Segan as the Huawei Glory, then reported as the Huawei Honor, we were told today itís in fact called the Mercury. Although no one would pinpoint the release date Garcia confirmed we should expect the Mercury before the holidays.


    This article was originally published in forum thread: Name Change! Huawei Glory Coming to Cricket as Huawei Mercury started by avenue View original post
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