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  • New Cricket Payment Plan That Enables Customers To Get The Phone They Really Want

    Cricket Wireless has released a new option for customers that allows them to get the phone they really want without any hassle. This new plan offers no interest and no credit checks which seems better than the options Cricket has in place. Please take a minute to read below and give us your thoughts about Cricket Wireless's new payment plan.

    ************************************************** *******************

    - Available Only at Cricket, New Plan Provides Customers with the Best Way to Pay for a Phone

    - No Interest and No Credit Check Offers Available

    - Samsung Galaxy S4 from Cricket available for as low as $25 Down and $25 Per Month

    SAN DIEGO, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cricket Communications, Inc. is bringing to consumers the best value in wireless with the introduction of its new Phone Payment Plan to make it even easier for customers to get the phones they really want. The Phone Payment Plan available only at Cricket beginning Sunday, July 21st in Cricket-owned stores and select dealer locations, and provides consumers with a great way to get a phone, with a low initial payment and low monthly payments over time, instead of a large up-front payment or high monthly payments. We expect that a majority of customers who apply for this program will be approved at the most flexible terms found anywhere in the wireless industry.

    When customers apply for the Phone Payment Plan, they are eligible for one of three offers: No Interest, Deferred Interest or No Credit Check. The offer the customer receives and its terms will vary based on a variety of factors, including credit history if applicable.

    "We believe Cricket's new exclusive Phone Payment Plan is clearly the best phone purchase program in the industry and is a game-changer," said Jerry Elliott, president and chief operating officer for Cricket. "The plan offers the most flexible payment terms available anywhere and will enable more customers to affordably get the phone they really want, including the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. In addition, the program allows us to reach those customers who would normally enter a long-term contract agreement with a postpaid carrier. The best phones in the world are now within even more people's budgets. "

    Payment Plan / Offer Type Plan Highlights
    No Interest Customer pays 4% down at time of purchase and 4% of the total plan amount monthly for 24 months. 0% APR
    Deferred Interest Customer pays 5% of the phone purchase at time of purchase and a minimum of 5% of the payment plan amount monthly. No interest if loan paid off in six months.
    No Credit Check Customer pays an initial payment as low as 8% and same as cash for 90 days (allowing the customer to avoid paying additional fees by paying the full cost of the phone)

    *This is not an advertisement

    The Phone Payment Plan is provided by a third party and is available for Cricket Wireless customers only. Cricket customers upgrading from an older phone must pay the down payment amount determined by their offer plus any service proration that could be incurred by upgrading to a new rate plan.

    For more information about Cricket's dynamic service and newest device lineup and to check for availability, visit

    This article was originally published in forum thread: New Cricket Payment Plan That Enables Customers To Get The Phone They Really Want started by knewsom32 View original post
    Comments 9 Comments
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      Smells like part of ATT's evil plan. And a plan to keep phone makers profits up.

      Are AT&T and T-Mobile's Frequent Upgrade Plans Worth It?
    1. wrfaircloth's Avatar
      wrfaircloth -
      This is NOT only available at Cricket....I know. Trust me.
    1. Carrie Lewis's Avatar
      Carrie Lewis -
      I'm tempted to look into it. I went to the site and couldn't find any info on it. So I am guessing I might have to go into a store to see what the deal is. Also on the site I read about the AT&T merger on this page: Announcement about AT&T and Cricket Wireless | Cricket Wireless
    1. abysalsoul's Avatar
      abysalsoul -
      Well this was in plan before the ATT deal...but my question is do you need a bank account for this personally I don't have a bank account every time I get one the banks always screw me over...and though this part is stupid to some people...if I pay extra on my bill does it go to the balance on the phone or is it credited towards my account (I usually pay high enough to round up to the nearest five dollars...sometimes I get asked if I'm putting it towards my flex bucket or just to credit my account so I end up paying a month ahead sometimes but anyway back to the original though, any news on restrictions? and available phones? or is it all phones?
    1. cjreyes666's Avatar
      cjreyes666 -
      Is always good to have options. With the progressive plan I bought three phones that range close to 1500 paying that up front is a pain. With the three months to fully pay up the phones is no hassle.
    1. ajw6381's Avatar
      ajw6381 -
      I would like to share my experience with everyone that is considering this option.

      In June I purchased a Galaxy S4 and financed it through Progressive, the previous finance company. I called my local Cricket store to find out what I needed to do. They emailed a link to apply online. I completed the application, which was very easy, printed my approval and went to the cricket store and picked up my phone. It was all so easy, I was pleased.

      My wife has a evo 4g, and she has liked my phone since I came home with it and wanted to upgrade, but Cricket cut ties with progressive finance shortly after buying my Galaxy S4. We have been waiting for the new finance company to start working with Cricket customers. I had been reading all of the details about the new plan and it sounded great. Today I called my local Cricket store and they said I would have to come in to apply. When I got there they directed me to fill out the application online. After a short application I was approved, I told the salesman and he said "great, let me pull up the application". When he logged in the application stated that they needed a copy of my bank statements and paystubs and ID. I had not been told to bring those items with me when I called earlier, and I did not need them previously. So I drove home to get my bank statements and paystubs. 25 minutes home and 25 minutes to get back to the store. The salesman says "great, I will get these faxed right away". A few minutes later he says "you need to call this number to tell them that we have faxed in all of the paperwork and they need to approve it before we can continue". I said "what, I thought everything was all set once we faxed in the paperwork?" He replied "they just need to update the application status online". So I called the phone number that he gave me and waited for 20 minutes on hold before speaking to a live person. She stated that they still have applications from Monday that still have not been processed and it will be a few days and possibly a week before they could process mine. I said "so there is no way that I can finance a phone and leave the store with it today?" she replied "no".

      So I left the Cricket store today without a phone and very upset that I had wasted so much time.

      That was my experience with the new payment plan being offered by Cricket. Hopefully everyone does not have this kind of experience. I hope it is just a few glitches that need to be worked out in this program.
    1. abysalsoul's Avatar
      abysalsoul -
      Lol...that's ok...I went in, I've been a cricket customer since 07 and have only had one interruption of service when my mom passed away and I couldn't pay while I was trying to pay stuff for her funeral...anyway...I went in...and I only was given two options...the first option I filled out the application online and there was a notice at the end that they could not approve the application at this time and they would mail information to me...great fine whatever...the second requires a bank account, considering the fact that banks have overcharged me so much I quit using that one's out...they didn't even offer the third choice...guess when I get a new phone I'm going to have to hit Tmobile cricket doesn't like me anymore...
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      .....the evilness begins.
    1. wrfaircloth's Avatar
      wrfaircloth -
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