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  • Official OTA ICS Update Guide for Droid Razr & Razr MAXX - adapted from rda990's

    It's time for me to part with my Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. I've been running the leak since early April with no problems, but the official update is now out. It's gone from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 and has turned the RAZR into a global phone. What kind of person would I be to leave it on a leaked version that can never accept over the air updates though.

    *WARNING* - There is a possibility you will have to reflash your device.

    Below is a guide found on It was posted by computerfixer412.

    Official OTA ICS Update Guide for Droid Razr & Razr MAXX - adapted from rda990's
    These instructions worked flawlessly for me (I've adapted them from rda990's thread)

    I followed this tread for quite some time and tried various things going from the Android 2.3.6 - 6.12.181.XT912 on Droid Razr MAXX to update to ICS. I also received a softbrick after three attempts. For those of you that are concerned about softbricking, I recommend the following:


    Files needed (Links from my Website):

    Droid Razr MAXX ICS Files | Armorlight Technology – Public Site

    Drivers (included below in Matt's Utility).

    4.0.4 / 6.16.211.XT912 Update ---------->

    (Don't worry if the name of the .zip is 6.12.181, it's supposed to be that way, it means that's the VERSION you are coming from)

    (Verification Hash)

    CRC-32: 0732c03f
    MD4: ac94d73a7d97f3105dde4456bf84513c
    MD5: 79a1ee4a992eacd1d08f98dee5deebf7
    SHA-1: 5193bebc18cf70939259ee52ebb1e33eb8fae84c

    Droid Razr Utility 1.7 ---------------> (Thanks to mattlgroff Portal -

    (Verification Hash)

    CRC-32: 40adc704
    MD4: 1c388f25e385d42e0b5ceba609b7dadd
    MD5: 40dc068dc4b0dfba12c96a7d18c267e5
    SHA-1: 61cbd07166a4d719a5413ca0c48e40f3bc06064f


    1. Backup all your data (I recommend TitaniumBackup but you will have to have a rooted phone for that program to work). Otherwise use a utility like MyBackup (found in the Google Play).

    2. Make sure battery is AT LEAST 60% CHARGED, if not 100%.

    3. Download the official OTA "" file from above.

    4. IMPORTANT! Place the file downloaded in step three into the ROOT of your EXTERNAL SD card. (DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE)

    5. Turn off the phone.

    6. Download the official OTA "" file from above.

    7. Unzip all the files into the ROOT of your computer (C:\). (Thanks loudneon)

    8. If you DO NOT already have the Motorola drivers installed, go into the "drivers" folder and select your OS type (64bit or 32bit). If you already have the drivers installed, continue.

    9. Connect the phone to your computer.

    10. Go into recovery by pressing and holding the Volume Up (+), Volume Down (-), and Power button all three at the same time. (Press and hold all physical buttons.)

    11. With the Volume Down (-) key go down to AP Fastboot and select it by pressing the Volume Up (+) key. You are now in AP Fastboot mode.

    12. From Step 4 files (Files extracted to C:\), double click on the "DroidRAZRUtility.bat" file.

    13. Press any key to get started.

    14. Select option 1 and follow the instructions.

    15. Once it is done with the process, your phone will be 100% ready to flash the ICS update.

    16. Power off your phone.

    17. Boot the phone into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up (+), Volume Down (-), and Power button all three at the same time. (Press and hold all physical buttons.)

    18. The menu will come up and select "Recovery".(Volume Down key to go down and Volume Up key to SELECT/ENTER Recovery.)

    *The Android and Exclamation mark logos will come up*

    19. Press both Volume Up (+) and the Volume Down (-) buttons at the same time. Release.

    20. With the Volume Down (-) button select "Wipe Data" and press the power button to select it.

    21. Once complete, go to "Wipe CACHE partition" and press the Power button to select it.



    24. With the Volume Down (-) button go down to "Apply Update from SDCard" and press the Power button to select it.

    25. Volume Down (-) go to the “” and select it with the Power button. (This is the one we put in the External SD in Step 2.)

    26. It will take a while to upgrade, PLEASE BE PATIENT

    27. Once it is done, go to "Reboot system now."

    28. Official ICS, Enjoy!!! =D

    29. If Desired, run Matt's Utility again to root your phone & install OTA RootKeepr (Make sure USB debugging is enabled).

    Once it's your first time starting ICS, it WILL take a while to load up, it is normal, it will also be "Optimizing applications" at first start up.

    Thank you to rda990 for his original thread!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Official OTA ICS Update Guide for Droid Razr & Razr MAXX - adapted from rda990's started by chrisngrod View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. taco543's Avatar
      taco543 -
      Do you know if it will work if I do this directly from 6.12.173?
    1. RoWilJr's Avatar
      RoWilJr -
      Yep...I used this to upgrade to ICS, no issues. The key is read over it, read AGAIN, then read one more time. FOLLOW the directions to the "T"...and don't freak out on your final does take longer than usual compared to other phones.
      *you will need to reflash as stated in the OP*
      sent from my Safety Razr
    1. taco543's Avatar
      taco543 -
      trying ti now lol upped to 181 just to be safe before doing it reflashing now lol
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