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  • Part 1: Muse Mini Review (Portable Speaker)

    Alright, so if you know anything about me, you probably know that I was in the Mojave Desert enjoying one of the Army's finest training areas. There is a little sarcasm in there. If you know anything about the National Training Center you might have hinted that. The conditions are deployment like in nature, the training is good though and that's what's important. Am I going off on a tangent? Well not really. The one thing I wish I had more of was music. Being in PSYOP (or MISO), I usually roll around with a big speaker on my vehicle or have someone carry a portable one (40-45lbs if you can call that portable). Believe it or not though the normal target audience (you know, the people we're trying to reach out to) doesn't enjoy Metallica or even Total Eclipse of the Heart from what I've found. No one is perfect.

    I really needed a portable solution for when I was away from a power source. Something that can be taken anywhere my phone could. In a perfect world it would be small but still produce big sound. Also it wouldn't cost one arm + one leg. There are a few solutions out there, however when it comes to cost, and size, this has to be at the top of the charts. If you wear cargo pants or carry a purse around, it would be nothing to keep this on you.

    There are two models. A bluetooth/3.5mm input model and then a version with just the 3.5mm input. Both are the same size and the only distinguishing differences are the power button on the bottom and the bluetooth symbol up top. Once turned on you'll see that the bluetooth model lights up red when in headphone jack mode or charging and blue when in bluetooth mode. The non bluetooth model lights up blue when on or charging. Once fully charged the bluetooth model's light turns off. It doesn't appear that the light turns off for the non bluetooth model when fully charged.

    Pairing the device to your phone is easy. The instructions are simple and included in the packaging. Move the switch to bluetooth mode, enable bluetooth on your phone or other bluetooth device, and start scanning. Select the speaker when it appears. With our Evo 3D, it paired without any codes required. We'll go into more detail once we do our videos.

    With the 3.5 mm input jack, you just move the switch to "on" with either model.

    After this you can enjoy the big sound that comes from this small device. You're going to be surprised with the output most likely. You'll wonder how this little item doesn't just produce a tinny sound like your typical speakerphone or laptop.

    More information to come soon with a discount code for forum members and videos. Did we mention the pricing for the non bluetooth model is currently 19.99 and then only 39.99 for the bluetooth model?

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