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  • Review: Angry Birds Space

    SOURCE: USA Today

    Space seems like a fitting locale for the casual gaming franchise Angry Birds, considering its meteoric rise in popularity since launching 2009.

    Between its flagship title and expansions such as Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, the series has netted more than 700 million downloads on various platforms.

    However, it certainly seemed as if developer Rovio was content with the status quo, churning out different flavors of what was essentially the same bird-catapulting, pig-smashing adventure.

    Fortunately for fans of the franchise, their new release Angry Birds Space is more ambitious. The mix of different power-ups and introduction of zero gravity has created a refreshing yet still very addictive casual game.

    The premise remains similar: the furious flock wants their eggs back from a group of greedy pigs, and must bash through safe havens made of stone, wood and ice to take them out.

    To do this, players launch these birds using a catapult, stretching it back with either a mouse or a finger for touchscreen devices.

    Most of the birds players have grown familiar with return, including the traditional red bird, a tiny, blue-and-red bird that splits into three and a black bird that doubles as a bomb. Joining the group in Angry Birds Space is a purple bird that can redirect its flight path to target a specific area and a light blue bird that freezes nearby obstructions.

    But Angry Birds Space goes much further than adding more characters to fling about. Players must now contend with gravity, which adds another layer to setting up your next shot.

    Levels feature orbs of different sizes that represent zones where gravity is present. If a bird happens to venture outside that space, it harmlessly floats away. The opening challenges are straightforward, but eventually expand to include puzzles where players must -- for example -- find a way to get pigs floating in space to careen toward a tiny planet where they will crash down.

    Once again, the physics in Angry Birds Space is phenomenal, giving players a great sense of control. Why take on a group of pigs head on when a well-placed trick shot can send a bird orbiting around a planet to strike a weak point? Like earlier Angry Birds games, it forces players to think about the correct approach and angle to take with each catapult shot.

    The game features 60 levels, as well as a Danger Zone available through in-app purchase for extra challenges.
    Judging from Rovio's brief history, it would not have been surprising to see this game as nothing more than Angry Birds with planets and spacesuits. Instead, players will find little trouble flocking to Angry Birds Space and its engrossing challenges.

    Publisher: Rovio
    Developer: Rovio
    Platform(s): Apple iOS, Google Android, PC, Mac
    Price: $0.99-$5.99 (free on Android)
    Release Date: Mar. 22
    Score: 4 stars (out of 4)

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Review: Angry Birds Space started by knewsom32 View original post
    Comments 1 Comment
    1. Ummm's Avatar
      Ummm -
      I love this game it actually gives you more of a thinking challenge at times i like the new looks and all
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