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  • Rooting the Cricket Zio on Froyo 2.2 (Root)

    NOTE: This entire post comes from Steve at There might have been a slight modification, but all praise should be directed to him.


    Alright, lets talk about root. Root is a Linux term for admin permissions. Since Android is basically Linux, we use the this term rather than admin permissions or admin rights; which is a Windows term. When you achieve root, you gain access to system files and ability to change things that normally are marked read-only.
    Why would you want this? There are tons of reasons. One popular reason is themes and WiFi tethering. By achieving root, you can change system graphics which in turn changes the UI. You can also change the boot screen, fonts and tons more like I said. Well, you’re probably wondering if there is any negative things to this. Unfortunately yes there is. By rooting your device, you do void your warranty. But that’s ok! You can always restore your phone back to stock.


    Download Z4Root and save it to your SD Card. (newest version available here: [APP] z4root - xda-developers)

    Install the APK using Astro or any other APK installer (from the market)

    Once it’s installed, open the app via the app drawer and select “permanent.“
    Let the phone do it’s thing. It will reboot. Once rebooted, your phone is rooted.

    Any app that needs super user rights, it will ask and you just need to click “allow.”

    SOURCE: Steve from


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    This article was originally published in forum thread: Rooting the Cricket Zio on Froyo 2.2 (Root) started by chrisngrod View original post
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