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  • Samsung Transfix User Review

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    I was able to snag a Transfix last night at a local Corporate store. The Price was $179.99 plus tax, about $195 in my area (Illinois).

    I'll give a small review for now, but I'll need time to really get used to it. I'll Be comparing this to my Ascend I first got last year.

    So lets start with what we have. The Samsung Transfix SCH-r730 (which I think seems to be an upgrade version of the Samsung Vitality, which I did not have that phone.) great upscale android phone that Cricket has gotten their hands on. So far not many specs are out about the phone except what avenue has posted. The size of the phone is somewhat a little smaller to my Ascend. A little thicker, but a but less wider. Weight wise is about the same as well.

    Processor speed and memory is much better. I will say when connected to a wifi, most installs are ready to go and or sometimes done within a minute or less. 3G speeds are not bad, depending on your signal. Luckily at my house I have a nice 10mb speed. The list of programs/games I have installed already are as follows and how they preform:

    Advanced Task Killer: No flaws, opens up the memory which seems to be over 150mb
    Angry Birds: Runs almost flawlessly
    Facebook: New Version seems to run alright
    Hide it Pro: No flaws
    Game Dev Story: Runs also flawlessly
    Handcent SMS: No problems
    Torque: Runs well

    Google Apps
    Google Maps: Nice to finally have a really updated Maps, also the 3D feature with "swype" techniques
    Google Translate: Runs great, even if the translation isnt perfect

    Other than that, sound is crisp with phonecalls, but the external speakers sound alright.. kinda has a cheapness with it. But I think one of the best features of this phone is the Qwerty Keyboard. With the Ascend only being touch screen, this keyboard has made things 10x better.

    I will also say if you have huge hands, you may have some problems with using the phone. It is a little smaller, but thanks to me being a hobbit, I seem to not have that issue.

    I would like some more time with the new phone here, I can give you more details and reviews down the road. I still have yet to even mess with the 3.2MP camera.

    If you have any questions, please do ask! I'll try to answer them as best as I can.

    UPDATE: 10-15-11

    After having the Phone for over a week I am now able to give more opinions on the Samsung Transfix.

    So letís go ahead and jump into the Camera Shall we? The 3.2MP Camera works quite well for standard photo taking. The examples next shown in their original sizes will show you how detailed they are.

    This is a photo here of a nice sunset outside my workplace.

    As you can see the detail is rather alright.

    Next is an example of a typical soda I drink, again the detail seems to be fine

    Now the next photo is with Zoom enabled. It does 4x Digital zoom, which too me, may not be worth it. You can tell that seems to just... well look right.

    Iím not sure the technical term is, except be warned when using this option, your photo may no look right.

    In other words, the Camera will work alright with well lighted areas for quick photos. Video wise is not bad, again for typical use it gets by.

    Moving along, I usually use my phone for Calling, Texting, Social Networking, and Internet Radio/YouTube.

    After making plenty of calls on my phone, I can approve the quality of it. Signal in my area is not bad while most calls are easily able to come in. So if you've had great luck with Cricket Reception you will have no problem making calls with this Phone. Texts are the same too. Now quality wise of how I can hear someone is great too, so Samsung quality is here, while on the other end itís no problem at all.

    Iíve also got to use Bluetooth with my device. All devices Iíve connected work great:

    ELM327: Itís an OBDII Scanner for 1996+ Vehicles. Connecting with Torque has no problems at all
    Plantronics Bluetooth headset: Works and setups immediately.
    Notebook Bluetooth: Works quickly and connects without any flaws after setting up.

    Now moving on to performance and multi tasking, I donít run many programs at the same time. Kind of got that way when having my Ascend. But when in doubt use Task Killers. Iíve noticed Iím getting over 170mb free of memory when clearing out tasks. Quite impressive.

    Messaging program on here is the usual, but I would recommend stepping up to HandCent SMS. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone, so hooking up some headphone to listen to music works great. But I like internet radio while driving, a really nice perk to have when getting through your commute.

    Micro USB charger with USB cord comes with the phone, simple driver setup on the pc and transferring files is a breeze.

    You really canít say much about the QWERTY slide out keyboard, it maybe small for big hands, but when you get used to it, its much better than relying on a touch screen. Major Plus for that.

    Now a major great thing about the phone is the Battery life. With the settings I have it on, Medium Brightness, Trillian on, constant calls, texts, and some internet radio... Iíve managed on one charge over 16+ Hours. Yes... 16 hours. Finally a phone I have that doesnít need to always have its charger with it! But just in case, I have a car charger set if needed.

    So in conclusion, Cricket got their hands on a really nice Entry to Mid Range Android Smartphone here. With a $180 price range, I really canít complain about it. Everything I have thrown on it has not made a hiccup or barely messed up. Great Battery life, Great looking phone, nice Qwerty Keyboard, all thrown into one package. So I would HIGHLY recommend getting this phone.

    Thatís all I can think of on covering it.

    Again if you have any questions, please do ask! I'll answer them as best as I can. Thanks for letting me post this. Have a great day everyone!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Samsung Transfix User Review started by MrMaynard View original post
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