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  • Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 - Access Multimedia Settings (RTSP/HTTPD) with a Simple APK

    Credit goes to MagicalPhones for creating this. It is probably the easiest way to access the multimedia settings and fix your streaming issues with a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 - Access Multimedia Settings (RTSP/HTTPD) with a Simple APK started by chrisngrod View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. steewped's Avatar
      steewped -
      I'm just saving my spot just in case I need to add something later to this. If you found this helpful please leave a donation to the forum. Your welcome everyone.
    1. djisia402's Avatar
      djisia402 -
      Awesome. Tried on s3 from Verizon out of curiosity


      Thanks to Chris and Magical Phones
      S3 on CKT Network
    1. ezln0423's Avatar
      ezln0423 -
      after i change the settings and 0 everything out my speed went from 1.20mbps to 50 to 60 kbps is there an alternative? i already tried 7 different prls

      nvm After the 20th prl got it it to 1.60 Mbps. this community is amazing
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