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  • Verizon is ready to kill unlimited data...

    Verizon's been telegraphing its intent to drop unlimited data plans for nearly a year, and despite the fact that LTE smartphones launched with all-you-can-eat options, those plans haven't changed one bit. Reuters reports that Verizon will finally nix the megabyte buffet this summer, replacing it with a fully tiered data pricing scheme, though CFO Fran Shammo also floated the idea that tiered data could open up an avenue for family data plans. We've never really enjoyed sharing minutes, so we doubt counting our kilobytes will be much fun, but we suppose there's always room for Verizon to pleasantly surprise us with a really low price for mobile web browsing. Right? By the by, Fran also reiterated claims that the next iPhone will be a global device, and said that when it launches on AT&T, it'll hit Verizon stores at the very same time.

    Anyone with any knowledge of cellular networks would know that data costs cell phone providers a lot. It's really not the average user that kills it for the rest of us in our opinion. It's those who use their cellular connection to power their Xbox, PS3, torrent downloads, Youtube, etc all the time that really hurts.

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