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  • Verizon XLTE... Are you impressed?

    While searching for some other speed tests, I kept on stumbling about talk of Verizon's XLTE. Now I'm a Verizon subscriber and AT&T, so it's all good for me.

    The results that I saw weren't impressive at all. They were good for the most part, but not impressive. I took a little bit more in depth look and found people posting screenshots in almost 3 digit territory or barely in it (99-103Mbps). Of course we can't verify those unfortunately, and they could have done them on WiFi and then switched back over to cellular for the screencap.

    Here's a video of a test I did over a year ago on AT&T in Houston. I was using an S4 and could actually see the tower out the window. It did impress me. 68Mbps... That's megabits per second. Don't let people call it megabytes per second and confuse you.

    Here's a speed test published by a pretty well known channel...

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Verizon XLTE... Are you impressed? started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
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    1. Twilight_Sparkle's Avatar
      Twilight_Sparkle -
      i almost chocked on a carrot watching the 66bit video OMG.... SO FREAKING FAST!

      the day we can dowload a video like 1GB under 5sec.... ah i cant wait.... netflix... HD ahhhh
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      Lol yeah... I was pretty pleasantly surprised. This was OVER a year ago though.
    1. gsdreams's Avatar
      gsdreams -
      Verizon renaming LTE just because they increased the available bandwidth and frequencies they run on is honestly way "underwhelming".

      And either way, 10mb/sec or 60mb/sec there is nothing I do on my phone that is going to make a huge difference between those. I can already watch videos in HD with no problems, all my emails, and other things I do are nice and fast as well.

      Now if I was using it as general internet I might feel different, but on the other side of this Verizon and ATT directly have data caps w/ overage charges. This just means you can spend more money on overage charges to me. lol
    1. wiseoldman's Avatar
      wiseoldman -
      Yep that's the 'fee' scam in America. Set rules/laws that easily get broken all the time and fine/fee them for it. Its a racket.

      sent from the future......
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