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  • [VIDEO] QI Wireless Charging with the Samsung Galaxy S4

    One of the great things about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ease in which you can add wireless charging. Just grab and OEM back door or one of the QI pads available on the Internet + a charging pad.

    In this video I show it being used with the:

    Google Orb (aka Nexus 4 Wireless charger model WCP-400)
    LG WCP-300
    LG WCP-700
    Nokia DT-900
    Nokia DT-910


    Chris Rodriguez is the creator of Cricket Users and can be found on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [VIDEO] QI Wireless Charging with the Samsung Galaxy S4 started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. cjreyes666's Avatar
      cjreyes666 -
      Does the cricket s4 support wireless charging?
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      With the S4, both CDMA versions and GSM have the prongs on the back for adding a QI receiver.
    1. computerkidt's Avatar
      computerkidt -
      What are the other 2 prongs for??
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      NFC antenna
    1. computerkidt's Avatar
      computerkidt -
      what accessories use that?

      Sent from my Galaxy S4
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      OEM wireless charging door. Since the normal NFC antenna is on the battery, when you put stuff over the battery it can degrade the signal.

      Hence there NFC antenna can be mounted in another location and connect to the device via the prongs.
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