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  • [VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage - Watch Death Murmor

    (forward to 1:16 if you just want to watch the underwater video)

    The only reason I pulled this out of my thread is to make sure it is visible. The question arose whether or not an aftermarket QI receiver will cause the Galaxy S5 to leak water. The answer is in the video. You can actually hear the phone start to malfunction. I knew this was a high risk trial. It was a gamble and I lost. Well technically my wife lost. She now hates the Note 3 I have her using .

    If you look at the picture above, you can see the smooth path around the inside of the device that the seal on the battery door matches up with. Sometimes you will notice air bubbles come out of the phone when you submerge it. This is probably because water is allowed to get into areas up to the seal.

    Now look at the QI receiver pad's ribbon cable that protrudes on the top left. One of the QI prongs is located within the seal path. Naturally the ribbon was in seal path as well. In addition to this, the small amount of bulk added under the cover could have been just enough to affect the small seals. Perhaps you could cut the ribbon ever so slightly, and do other modifications to make the pad thinner. Who really wants to do that and re-perform this test though?

    I am definitely not accusing Samsung for any failure on their part. There are articles about the S4 Active having issues and AT&T doing on time courtesy replacements for those devices (unmodified). I checked with AT&T for S&Gs to see if there were any reports of S5s with issues. They said no. Only time will tell. This is not a warranty issue anyways because I modified the device.

    The setup was tested with in a bathroom tub with the device off earlier in the day. It passed. No water seeped past the door seal. I should have tested it a few times at various depths up to 12" and moved the phone around to encourage water to get in. Starting at 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds etc. Small tests would have minimized the amount of water that could have entered the phone without detection.

    My recommendation is to not use the device on purpose for underwater photography. Take measures if you are going to be in an environment which could potentially result in your phone getting wet. Make sure all the seals are in tact and do not press buttons while the phone is submerged. It might not be a factor but why try?

    If you ever notice water getting into your phone, no matter what make or model, turn it off immediately, take out the battery, and inspect. Upon inspection, should you notice any moisture, dry the phone for 24-48 hours at a minimum. This phone DID NOT die immediately. It actually just got worse over time. I should have dried it for about half a week I'm thinking. Remember, it's not really the water that does the damage to the circuitry. It's the electricity that is running though the water and shorting out components. Water seeping into the display probably isn't good in general but just trying to make a point. Initially it was only the home button that was malfunctioning (registering as being pressed the whole time). Screen was fine and everything. Then it had problems turning on. Hours later, when it did turn on, the screen was going. Hours after that, the screen would not turn on at all.

    Please like the video and subscribe so my wife doesn't kill me...

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage - Watch Death Murmor started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. cjreyes666's Avatar
      cjreyes666 -
      That's why I don't trust water resistant phones. My wife want a Sony phone for the same reason, but I'm not convinced.
    1. bige1990's Avatar
      bige1990 -
      I have the Kyocera hydro and I have dropped it in water 50 TIMES and it still is working
    1. ILikeToMoveIt's Avatar
      ILikeToMoveIt -
      Quote Originally Posted by cjreyes666 View Post
      That's why I don't trust water resistant phones. My wife want a Sony phone for the same reason, but I'm not convinced.
      Water resistant phones are not water proof. It's practically the only case for having a sealed battery - the user can't screw things up. If you use after-market accessories, you CHOOSE to risk having it not work 100%.

      Samsung offers Qi compliant case (S-View and regular for $70 and $30 respectively) that still retains the water resistance. Why wouldn't you just simply by one of those?

      I don't know about you, but $30 seems much better than potentially saving a few bucks... meanwhile risking your $700+ phone.

      Incidentally, there are services that will try to repair the water damage if it's minor enough and / or fast enough. I saved a Galaxy Nexus from light water damage for $100ish. If you do notice a malfunction due to water damage, take out the battery and get it to these third party companies ASAP before the water can corrode anything further.
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      It was just for testing. It was going to get replaced anyways for other reason.

      Moving right along, there are issues with the OEM QI back plate as well. Most people don't like them because they are always thick enough to not fit in any case. Okay they fit in maybe 2.5% of the cases on the market.

      Also threw the Moto G in the water. Nano coating + seals would be the best case scenario IMO.
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