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  • [VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S5 - ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Glass Installation

    I use to do so many installation videos of invisibleSHIELDs (orignal, HD, dry) back in the day. Then Spigen came along with all their Glas screen protectors. Doesn't take much to see that a glass screen protector is superior in clarity. It's really become a shame to put a product that suffers from known issues like the rainbow effect and orange peel on these flagship devices.

    I'm sure ZAGG felt the pressure put on them by manufacturers like Spigen to produce something better. Enter the Glass line.


    This thing is kind of expensive. $40 bucks basically at Best Buy. From ZAGG it's $5 cheaper. Maybe that's because there is less packaging with the one that ship from ZAGG.

    Spigen is pretty expensive as well. Cheaper glass screen protectors are popping up on eBay at lower prices. I think for the most part those will be fine. I've used a few before. Expect less support if they don't work and a higher chance of bubbles. How much higher? I don't know. We'll have to wait for feedback from others.


    Of course there are cons to glass screen protectors. I won't deny that. My wife has cracked a few. Spigen has a replacement program to get you another one at a discount cost:

    Glas.t/Glas.tR Replacement Policy | Spigen

    According to the information supplied in this product, ZAGG will keep on sending you replacements if you pay shipping and handling. You will most likely have to return the broken pieces of your protector as well as proof it was damaged.


    You don't really need a video. However, I did one anyways . The installation process is easier in my opinion than non glass screen protectors. Ultimately you'll just want to make sure everything is dust free and aligned. If you skip towards the end of the video where the screen protector makes contact with the screen, you will see the air bubbles all come out on their own. It's that easy.


    I was really pleased with the fit. This product leaves enough room around the side of the screen for cases which is a huge benefit. Most cases will not pry up the borders and cause the glass to lift. Cheaper Chinese glass screen protectors and this one leave openings and not just cutouts for the speaker and home button. In this case, I applaud that because of the fingerprint scanner. From videos I saw of the Glas, they chose to have a cutout for the home button. They're thin, and I'm sure you can get your fingerprint read. I mean, who would design it that way if you couldn't? I just believe that it would be easier to scan it if the area was left open. Spigen used to give away home button stickers to make the button taller. Can't do that with the S5's scanner.


    ZAGG's S5 screen protector lineup.

    Spigen's lineup is getting bigger and bigger btw...

    Here's what we found at Best Buy last night from ZAGG...

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S5 - ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Glass Installation started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
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