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  • [VIDEO] Spigen Argos Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Review

    This is only the second leather case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that I've looked at. The first one was the Jison Executive Folio case. That was a premium leather case which set the benchmark for others to follow. At $50.00 it was also one of the most expensive cases I've seen so far*. This Spigen case is genuine leather and handcrafted just like the Jison. It retails for only $37.99. This price puts it closer to most mid level protection cases like the Trident Aegis Series and Otterbox Commuter case. Its design closely resembles the Jison Fashion Flip Case. However that is only available in leatherette vs genuine leather.

    I purchased this case because I genuinely enjoyed having the Spigen Argos case for the Galaxy S3. The look is completely different from a TPU or active life style case. This is something you expect business executives or Hollywood stars to have vs the rugged outdoorsman. This belongs in my Audi vs my old, modified FJ Crusier.

    For daily use it works fine. It protects all sides / corners of the device. Of course you have to have the flip cover closed for the screen not to touch if you lay it face down. Well correction. If you don't have a QI receiver that makes the backdoor bulge a little and a glass screen protector, it might not touch when face down and the cover flipped open. I'm including the pictures below to show you one of the things I didn't like about the S3 Argos. It did leave one corner exposed. You won't find this in the S4 Argos.

    S3 Argos

    S4 Argos

    Spigen does note on their site that if you use this with a Jellybean button or Aluminum button the flip cover will probably press down on it. Either don't use them with this product or use them in conjunction with their Glas screen protectors. The added layer will keep the buttons recessed a bit.

    If you were wondering how the phone is held in or the flip top stays put.... Simple friction. Don't worry about the soft case damaging the surface of the device though. That is unlikely.

    vs the Jison...?

    Well I think Jison does a better job at rolling the leather around the edges and the grain of the leather makes it appear more authentic. The price on the Spigen is better for the mainstream public and the case definitely has no huge flaws. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.


    • Made by Spigen
    • Genuine Leather
    • Hand crafted
    • Does not work with QI charger I was using
    • Retails for $37.99
    • Offers protection on all sides

    Spigen's Official Website: Something You Want | Home | SPIGEN SGP
    Spigen Official Store on eBay: items in SPIGEN SGP store on eBay!


    PS... Want to know what all that writing under the flip cover says?

    "Emerald Tablet of Hermes
    What is above is like what is below and what is below is like that which is above. To make the miracle of one and as all were made from contemplation of one, all things were born from one adaptation.

    Designed by SPIGEN, Inc,
    Genuine Leather
    Hand Made"

    *See Jison's leatherette product called the "Fashion Folio Case for Galaxy S4" for a similar, yet cheaper model which sells for $29.99.


    Chris Rodriguez is the creator of Cricket Users and can be found on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [VIDEO] Spigen Argos Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Review started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
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