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  • What are some of the best Android apps you've found? For those of you who are app ex

    This post was too detailed to pass up. A member of the forum that goes by the name of "Hexley" replied to a thread that was originally posted on Cricket's Facebook. We pick up Cricket's posts and place them in our own forum.

    The title of the thread was, " What are some of the best Android apps you've found? ". This is a great read for those new to the Android operating system and even those who have had it on their phones for a while.

    The reply follows:

    The best APPS I use the most on my LG Optimus C, Froyo 2.2.1 are:

    ** SuperBox. **
    I use this program to backup my APK files to a folder it creates called, "apps_backup" The only thing this APP will not do is backup private or protected APK files, but any APK file that is free and in the open will backup. Also, this APP allows me to send most installed APPS to the SD card. Once in awhile I come across an APP that will not move to SD card. This APP also allows me to check CPU usage, clear RAM, kill tasks and a lot more.

    ** Titanium Backup **
    This is another APP I use. It is for Rooted phones only. It's 100% my favorite as it will backup everything installed, including all system APPS and their settings. This APP has saved me so many times when I had to do a full factory reset. As long as you have a backup of your SDcard, you can recopy it back to SDcard and install this Titanium Backup and start restoring all your installed APPS and their settings. Warning!! Only backup your user apps and data, I found when backing up everything including system apps, it totally crashed my phone big time. I had to do a factory reset. Only backup user data and settings. I also found that I can backup protected and paid for software too.

    ** Astro File Manager **
    This is a really good file manager for navigating to all your folders on your SDcard, you can copy, paste, delete, move, and a lot more. It even allows you to backup your APK files installed that are in the clear. The only thing this software will not do is backup protected files.

    ** GO Launcher EX **
    This is another number one APP I have and I love it. Go launcher is a shell that runs on top of your boring looking android desktop and makes your phone look hot. There are so many themes you can download for this launcher. You can download lots of themes, icon packs and what not, and you can put together your own look, or use the already made themes.

    ** Mr.Number **
    Ahhh, another great APP I downloaded a few months ago. This free program allows you to block incoming calls from people you do not wish to hear from again. You add numbers to your block list and set the phone to pickup and hangup on them, or send them to voice mail. I like the pickup and hangup feature. If anything, this APP is a must have if your phone is on the compatibility list. I can tell you first hand this little gem has made my life so much better knowing it hangs up on those telemarketers. HEY, what better way to say I love you by having Mr.Number pickup and then hangup on your callers you hate. HAHAHA

    ** History Eraser **
    Another APP I like.... It will allow you to pick which cache folders to clean out, or you can click on the picture icon of a bomb and it will wipe out all cache folders and data. It will even clear out all your phone logs of the people you last called. good for those nosy friends that want to know who that girl friend is in your log files. hahaha

    ** Brightness Level **
    Another good one I use almost everyday. It's a small widget icon that you put on your desktop and by touching it, it opens a small menu of pre-set brightness settings. You need 100% brightness, click the icon and click 100% or you may want 50%, just click the icon and then click the 50% button.

    ** Quick Settings **
    I use this for quickly turn on or off Wifi, mobile data and volume settings.

    ** TubeMate **
    This is a great tool for downloading YouTube videos to your SDcard.

    ** WiFi Analyzer **
    This tool I use to test my Wifi connections and to find out who else around me is using Wifi and what channels they are using. It helped me trace down why my connection was dropping when I found out everyone in the neighborhood was using the same 802.11 or channel 1 I was using. So I was able to change to a higher channel I know was not in use.

    ** KeePass **
    This one I use all the time. it allows me to store all my web sites and passwords to accounts I have like Banking, PayPal, and so on.

    ** GPS Test **
    I use this APP to test out my phones GPS and to trace problems as to why navigation is not finding my location. Shows a map of the GPS SATS around you and stuff.

    ** QQPlayer **
    Out of all the video players I have found and didn't like, this one was the best for me. QQPlayer will play just about every format out there. I use it to play Divx, MKV, AVI, and MP4. the only thing I can't seem to play are FLV files.

    *** In the Games Department, I have the following: ***

    ** -Guns- **
    I love to shot guns. This will let you select from a number of weapons and then shot them off at the indoor range.

    ** Angry Birds Rio **
    This game is highly addictive and fun to play. A new add on version was released and has all new places to go.

    ** Checkers Free **
    I love checkers. I can play this for hours.

    ** Fruited **
    This is a weird game. It's a knock off from the game Jewels, but with animals and an evil monkey that likes to steal everything. hehehe The jewels are really fruits and you match them up to advance in the game.

    ** Inspector Gadget Sound Board **
    if your a huge Inspector Gadget fan like me, then you will like this APP. I use it to torment my friends who hate Inspector gadget to no end. This sound board has all those famous sayings as you would expect. There is also Penny, Brain, and Dr.Claw sound board built in. There is also a fun facts section that gives you information about the show. I love this APP. By the way, since I'm on the topic of Inspector Gadget, does anyone know what gender Dr.Claws sidekick MAD CAT is? hehehe I have tried to find out for a year now.

    ** Jedi Light **
    If your into Star Wars, this APP is for you. You get to choose from different light sabers and you shake your phone around like you are battling someone and your phone makes light saber sounds. it also has background music for those moments you want to get into it.

    ** Jewels **
    This game I love.

    ** Jewels Deluxe **
    Same as above. You match three Jewels or more to move the row down to gain points.

    ** Moe Slider **
    O.k. this game is cute. It brings back the good old days of Puzzle sliders. Moe, by the way is pronounced, "Moe-a" It's a Japanese word meaning, "a rarefied pseudo-love for certain fictional characters (in anime, manga, and the like) and their related embodiments" Another words, you find Anime charters hot looking. hehehe What can I say, I'm a sick freak.

    ** Pinball Deluxe **
    Out of all the Pinball games out there, this one I love the most for the Android phone.

    ** Robotek **
    No, this is not the Anime Robotech, well I wish it was, but this game is called Robotek. It takes place in the future where wars are fought with robots on the battle field. Very addictive game.

    ** Slots Royale **
    Vegas Slot Machine game.

    ** Super Jump II (Been removed from Android Market) **
    I love this game. It's Mario from Mario Bros. and you jump over things and the screen scrolls down. I'm lucky to have this game saved as a backup because I no longer see it in the Android Market. Guess it was removed for copyright issues.

    ** Ultra Voice-Changer **
    This is a cool APP. does what it says, changes your voice. I use this APP a lot to leave phone messages to friends as a creepy sounding Alien voice. Piss them off every time. hahaha

    ** Moe Pachinko **
    OMG -- Warning!!! if your into Japanese Pachinko games, this one is a keeper. Moe, not MOE as in the Three-Stooges, but "Moe-a" is a Pachinko game with cute and sexy hot anime girls. In short, Pachinko is another word for Japanese Slot Machine. This is a game thats has me up for hours playing it. The only draw back is, it's in full Japanese. But it is easy to figure out. I place this game at the top of my list.

    Thats it. I have other APPS installed too, but figure you guys get the idea.

    Thank you for your contribution Hexley.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: What are some of the best Android apps you've found? For those of you who are app ex started by MCF-News View original post
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. Screamer4's Avatar
      Screamer4 -
      Lots of good ones on your list that I use regularly.

      I personally like GPS Status more than GPS Test. GPS Status lets you purge and re-download AGPS data which helps a lot if your GPS has a hard time locking on.

      A few others I like:

      Amazon App Store (free paid app daily!)

      SoundHound: Identify any song just by letting your android device listen to it for a few seconds

      Elixir: The most powerful, customizable system monitoring and function-toggling widget ever. I can't believe it is free. It is awesome and it has replaced at least 5 other apps/widgets on my phone.

      Google Goggles: Identifies things, reads barcodes, QR-Codes, etc

      Opera Mini (slower/older phones) and Opera Mobile (newer faster phones): Awesome FAST web browsers that make the best of even the slowest connections

      Root Explorer:
      A file explorer. For root users. Very powerful!

      Pandora: everybody knows what this is

      Green Power: IMO the best battery preserver, especially for 2.2 devices. If you are on GB (2.3) you lose a lot of it's functionality. It intelligently manages your network connections to stretch battery life.

      Watchtower: Helps spot renegade apps that are consuming your resources (and battery)

      I use a bunch more but the above are my favorites.
    1. Tj Lsn Davis's Avatar
      Tj Lsn Davis -
      If these apps are really as good as they say, I might just download them all! Thanks for hints!
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