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  • Why Cricket? (The Honest Truth)

    If you're wondering if Cricket is the carrier to switch to, this thread is for you! I will try to include both the positive things about Cricket and the negative things about Cricket.

    If you choose to get Cricket, please use the link below to shop:

    Alright, let's get started.

    Why Cricket?

    There are many good things about Cricket, along with some not so good things..

    First, we'll discuss the good:

    UNLIMITED: Cricket's services are unlimited. You can talk as little or as much as you want without needing to worry about overages. Mobile Broadband is also unlimited, along with Android and Blackberry data plans. The data plans may have a soft cap, but after hitting that cap, your service will continue to work. It will just slow you down.

    No Contracts or Credit Checks: With Cricket, you won't need to get your credit checked, and you won't be getting into a contract. You can keep the service for as long as you'd like, and you don't need to worry about an Early Termination Fee.

    The Network: Cricket Wireless' network is reliable. In some areas, it might be as reliable, if not more reliable, than Verizon Wireless! Cricket has 3G in all markets, unlike Cricket's main competitor, MetroPCS. With Cricket you also have the ability to roam nationwide on Sprint. You can also roam on MetroPCS and some other small networks free of charge. For those areas where you can't get service with any of them, you can roam on Verizon Wireless for a fee. So, with Cricket, you're covered almost everywhere. Yes, even Canada and Mexico are covered now! (Canada and Mexico roaming is at a fee.)

    Plans & Pricing: Cricket Wireless' cheapest unlimited monthly plan for cell phones is at $35/month. That includes unlimited talk and text, along with some other features such as long distance and caller ID. For an additional $10/month, you can add more features including international text messaging and unlimited mobile web. For a total of $55/month you can get an Android or Blackberry. Be prepared to pay double that, or more, on some competitors. Mobile Broadband on Cricket starts at just $40/month.

    The Future of Cricket Wireless: There is some exciting stuff something to Cricket! Cricket Wireless is going to be putting up their own 4G LTE towers soon. Cricket also signed an agreement with Lightsquared which will supplement their service in other areas. Cricket signed an MVNO agreement with Sprint, which means in the future Cricket Wireless will be sold across the country, even where Cricket doesn't have their own towers. Cricket Wireless is planning on coming out with many more devices, including more Android phones and tablets! Check out the forum for more information.

    Now, we'll discuss the bad:

    Customer Service: Cricket is known to have customer service that isn't "good". They can handle basic things, but for the rest you might want to find a good corporate store or authorized dealer to help you. If you want excellent customer service, plan on paying double what you pay now.

    Throttling: After you use the amount of data that comes with your plan, your speed will slow down. This is called throttling. This is alright for some users, but for others it makes things very difficult. You can expect speeds to be around 100 kbps (or around double the speed of dial-up). Please note that Cricket isn't the only carrier that does this. Also, remember if you go to another carrier they might shut off your data completely, or start charging overages. Your speed might slow down on Cricket, but it is still unlimited.

    Double Text Messaging Problem: There has been a problem on Cricket in which you get more than one of the same message. At times, you may receive messages out of order. I have not personally experienced this problem, but others have. You might be able to resolve this issue by calling customer service.

    AWS: In some markets, Cricket users a frequency (or band) called AWS. This uses 1,700 Mhz for voice and 2,100 Mhz for 3G data. Because of that, you can't flash phones in those markets. Before you try to flash a phone, try to find out if you're in an AWS market. Either way, you might want to consider getting a phone by Cricket instead. Cricket is getting more and more nice phones.

    If you're interested in getting Cricket, please click on the following link to shop:

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Why Cricket? (The Honest Truth) started by avenue View original post
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    1. Woof's Avatar
      Woof -
      Throttling might actually go in the good section too. It's a whole lot better to be slowed down for a bit than say charged extra for going over your limit.
    1. avenue's Avatar
      avenue -
      Quote Originally Posted by Woof View Post
      Throttling might actually go in the good section too. It's a whole lot better to be slowed down for a bit than say charged extra for going over your limit.
      Good point! There is good and bad about throttling. Thanks for bring that up!
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