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  • Would you ditch your Galaxy S4 for a Note 3 or LG Optimus G Pro?

    How many phablet fans do we have? I for one love these larger devices. For me, I rather have a phablet than separate phone and tablet.

    Devices I've owned with 5" screens or larger:

    • LG Intuition (4:3 aspect ratio)
    • HTC Droid DNA
    • Samsung Galaxy S4
    • LG Optimus G Pro

    Remember the rumor thread we had for the Note 2? Unfortunately that device never made it to Cricket Wireless as a native device. Anyone here plan to flash and use the Note 3?

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Would you ditch your Galaxy S4 for a Note 3 or LG Optimus G Pro? started by Chris Rodriguez View original post
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. indica's Avatar
      indica -
      too big of a screen! gimme galaxy s5 or is it galaxy s4s. . too many phones. I am looking fondly at the new nexus device, or the galaxy s4 Active, since i abuse my devices a lot.
    1. cjreyes666's Avatar
      cjreyes666 -
      Moto X is coming to Cricket

      Moto X for Cricket Wireless release imminent
    1. Chris Rodriguez's Avatar
      Chris Rodriguez -
      Would a Cricket dealer like to leak a picture to me? What is this supporting a huge news site vs your local Cricket forum. HMMPH!
    1. djisia402's Avatar
      djisia402 -
      Sony Z1 or HTC One Red for me
    1. ledlighting25's Avatar
      ledlighting25 -
      The full HD AMOLED screen is fast becoming a signature mark for Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 works to the advantage of the consumer with improved looks and screen resolution. The body is smaller and thinner as compared to the Galaxy S3. At 5 inches the phone certainly has a longer display surface as compared to its competitors like the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. however; the resolution hardly gets distorted thanks to the pan-viewing angle of the device.

      Crammed with eye-control features such as Smart Pause which pauses the video when one looks away from the video and will also resume the video when one looks back The Galaxy S4 also incorporates eye-tracking gestures. You can just scroll through the contents now.
      The Galaxy S4 can be controlled by simply hovering ones hand over the screen and not even the touching the screen. One can just wave their hand in front of the phone to accept a call. If one is driving, it will automatically go into speakerphone. One doesn't need to hold their hand too close to the handset to make this hovering tech work.

    1. kenneth8883's Avatar
      kenneth8883 -
      I'm would go note 3. I likes the Power android real estate. Plus watching Netflix and YouTube would be enjoyable.
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