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  • ZTE Engage Maintenance Release Update AVAIL-2/20

    Just had this sent over from my rep. Looks like there is a update for the Engage available on Feb 20th! This is not Jelly Bean, just a software update resolving some issues. Hope this helps anybody with the ZTE Engage!


    We are pleased to announce the availability of a Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Maintenance Release (MR) software update that will be deployed February 20, 2013 to address several improvements to the ZTE V8000 Engage handset.

    Existing customers with an Engage will be notified via the annunciator bar at the top of the device screen. These customers will simply swipe down from the top of the device screen to open the annunciator and follow the prompts.

    For all new Engage customers, store reps will need to process the update during the activation. Please see below for full details on how to conduct the updates.

    Please Note: NO SMS campaign is planned to further announce the update.

    Engage V8000 FOTA Upgrade Benefits

    Benefits of the ZTE Engage V8000 FOTA Upgrade include:

    • Keyboard Style: Updated to improve user touch experience
    • Charger Detection: Enhancements to detect Non-ZTE Chargers*
    • Beats Solo: Updates in order to recognize and support Beats Solo and other Apple compatible headsets*
    • Wired Headset Priority: When connecting a wired headset audio is automatically switched to the wired device
    • Camera: Enhancements for camera focus to minimize image blue
    • MMS Size: Increased from 500Kb to 1Mb
    • Hulu Plus +: Now available as an application from Google Play
    • Google Play Magazines: Updated from Google Play
    • Mobile Data: From home screen “pull-down” menu, data is now selectable to enable/disable. A user prompt is provided to advise of the impact when disabled
    • Removable User Identity Module (RUIM) Support: Now supported for operation on the China Telecom network. Users can enable/disable RUIM
    o Menu > System Setting > Wireless & Networks > More > “CDMA network settings” to switch between with/without RUIM

    This article was originally published in forum thread: ZTE Engage Maintenance Release Update AVAIL-2/20 started by RLockwich View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. indica's Avatar
      indica -
      wait. . so we can now transfer contacts via sim card and possibly this would be able to work on like trac phone in the future?
    1. moryantswife's Avatar
      moryantswife -
      So how can I tell if my phone updated? I havent been prompted for anything yet
    1. Alan Baxter's Avatar
      Alan Baxter -
      I've received the update prompt. Pressing OK started downloading an update file of about 33 MB or so. When it got to the end of downloading it failed with "Network error! Download failed.". I get the same message on both wifi and data connections. Apparently there is a problem on the server side. I'll wait until I receive an update prompt again before trying this again. What a useless waste of time this appears to be!
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