It's starting to seem like every phone coming out of

is running Android. But hey, we're not complaining here.

has announced the
beTouch E140

. The E140's screen size is a lot smaller than what we've been seeing coming out of CES. Compared to the
Samsung Infuse 4G

, this guy's screen is tiny. Here's what we know about the device so far:

  • Froyo (Android 2.2)
  • microSD card support (up to 32GB)
  • 2.8-inch touch screen
  • Built-in social media access
  • 3.2 mega-pixel camera
  • FM radio
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Acer Spinlets streaming service
  • Acer UrFooz
  • Acer Sync
  • nemoPlayer
  • 3G+, HSPDA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS


Acer announces the beTouch E140, sports Froyo and 2.8-inch screen

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