It's not that we don't expect the
HTC Evo Shift 4G

to be announced in the coming days (Hint: Jan. 4
and Jan. 9

are sounding like good days) -- it's almost certainly on its way. But for any retailer to offer preorders on an unannounced and unofficial phone is just a bit much for our taste.

This certainly isn't the first or last time we've seen this -- the latest example is Amazon, which has the Evo Shift 4G available for preorder for $199.99. Never mind that some of the details are wrong ("released in June, 2010"?), and it's possible some of the other specs could be gleaned from the manufacturers of the
various cases that already have been making the rounds


But before handing over your hard-earned cash for a phone, said device should at least be announced by the manufacturer or carrier. How would you feel if you'd preordered an
HTC Merge

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Amazon puts unannounced, unofficial Evo Shift 4G up for preorder for 9.99

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