One of my favorite things about Android is that there are tons of options for keyboards, lots of different styles, skins and colors that can be selected, and changing them on the go is extremely easy. The stock Android keyboard is not for everyone, and many of us like using other options like Swype, Smart Keyboard Pro, Thumb Keyboard or one of the many others that are available, and setting them to be your default keyboard is rather easy.

  1. Download and install new keyboard
  2. Go to Settings then scroll to Languages and keyboard
  3. Ensure that check mark is next to name of new keyboard
  4. Go to a text entry field (email, SMS, etc)
  5. Long press in empty compose space, select Input Method
  6. Select keyboard that you wish to use

It's just that simple. You can change them at any time, even in the middle of a message if you wish!