CES 2011

has wound down, and if you're an Android fan you're likely either in a sort of heaven that only gadget geeks can enter, or suffering a shaky overload from all the news. Either way is good. It seemed like you couldn't shake a stick anywhere in Sin City without hitting something Android related, and kudos to our guys on the floor in Vegas -- while it was loads of fun it was a lot of work as well. So nurse your sore feet and enjoy a cold beverage while you relax boys, because all this stuff will soon be coming to market and we get to be busy all over again!

All of us here, even the smart unlucky ones who stayed home to keep the Android Central machine running have a whole mess of stuff to ponder, so we locked ourselves in seclusion and deliberated to decide what our "Best of CES 2011" list would look like. OK, we really did it via email while watching football, eating chips, and drinking fizzy drinks -- but it's all good. Hit the break to see our list, and be sure to cast your own vote in the
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Android Central's best of CES 2011

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