Combining great graphics, an ominous soundtrack, and challenging game-play, Galaxy NGC3D is a great new game on the Android Market. The premise is simple -- man your fighter, and destroy them before they destroy you, but if you're looking for a cakewalk look elsewhere. You need a bit of skill (or practice) to pilot your ship through space, and the physics and drifting in a zero gravity environment seem as realistic as can be, at least to an earthling like myself. After a few frustrating hours playing, I got some serious satisfaction from flying in, putting an enemy in my sights, and blasting them into space dust. And to make it even better,
it's one of the eleven new Open Feint games

, so you can share progress and scores with your gaming buddies.

The game has a full plate full of settings, both the normal things like music volume as well as advanced settings for the on-screen graphics. The app seems coded pretty well, on my Evo 4G it can handle things set pretty high, and the Nexus S runs it great with everything cranked up to the max. There's also a little bonus -- it's set up for use with a
Zeemote controller

, which should work really well with this one. Speaking of bonuses -- Hyperbees (
check out their developers forum right here

) has set up their own contest in the Android Central forums, where ten winners will be able to grab a free copy of Galaxy NGC3D, and one lucky winner will be sporting their own Zeemote controller to play the heck out of this one, and many other games.
High-tail it into the forums and try your luck

, the contest ends Friday, Dec 31 at noon Eastern.

You can grab the full version of Galaxy NGC3D on sale until the contest ends tomorrow at noon on the market for a 99 cents, and there's a link to the free trial (thanks for that developers!), a gameplay video, and a handful of screenshots after the break -- check em out. Thanks Monika, Tom, and all the folks at Hyperbees!

Android Quick App: Galaxy NGC3D [contest]

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