PowerAMP is a very feature-rich music player that leaves me wishing for very little else. Throughout my testing I could only think of one or two changes or additions I'd like to see, but even if development on

ceased today, it'd still be the music player I use every day.

Just a couple weeks ago, Android users were given the opportunity to test out the beta version of Nullsoft's
Winamp for Android

and you may remember how much Phil loved it

for its awesome WiFi syncing capabilities. For an app that's still in its infancy, Winamp for Android felt like a very well rounded music player. I mention Winamp here simply because it's one of the most recent music players to hit the market, and for that reason alone I felt it necessary to touch on a few differences between Winamp and PowerAMP, mostly concering their respective widgets.

Join me after the break as I show off PowerAMP's nicely designed UI and explore its many features. [
App Homepage


Update: The version live on the market is slightly newer than the build I used in this video. The version on the market (1.0 build 204) has even more features.

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