There's no shortage of Internet radio apps out there. There are so many, in fact, that I once ran out of music while testing a few for a roundup. Yes, there are more Internet radio apps than there is music on the Internet. Go figure.

But the reason I keep coming back to TuneIn Radio is simple -- local stations. There are times I want to listen to local public radio, be it for the news, or local music, or just because. And TuneIn Radio has my local public radio station -- WUWF, for those of you stalking from home. It also has private local stations, too.

The app itself is pretty foolproof. Fire it up, chose "Local Radio" and it determines where you are through some sort of black magic (or any of your phones location services, we gather) and gives you a few options. Plus, you get all sorts of Internet radio stations, too.

Are there better Internet radio stations? Perhaps. But TuneIn Radio's worked very well for me. And at the low, low cost of FREE, the price is right. Give it a shot. More screenies and download links are after the break.

Android Quick App: TuneIn Radio

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