If you happen to have a
Nook Color

and love Angry Birds, you're in for a treat. Rovio and Barnes & Noble have teamed up and made B&N stores the very first "magic location" for the Angry Birds game. All you have to do is play Angry Birds (
the official Nook Color edition

-- hackers with the Android Market version can't join the fun) while inside one of the 700 plus B&N stores and you'll unlock the Mighty Eagle character for free. If you don't have a Nook Color, or aren't using the Nook Angry Birds app, you can still check it out and the Nook Color display at any B&N location.

It's part of Rovio's magic places based gameplay, which uses NFC, GPS, and Wifi location to unlock in-game content. They have more planned, including an NFC phone fist-bump ritual that will unlock new levels. To help understand it all a little better, check out the interview with Ramine Darabiha, product manager for Angry Birds Magic and the full press release after the break.


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