When it comes to cases for your Android smartphone, there's style, and then there's style. What you see before you here is the
Mike Lavallee edition of the HellBent Horizontal Pouch Case

. Lavallee, of course, is the name behind
Killer Paint Inc.

, and you've seen his work on such shows as TLC's "Overhaulin'," "Miami Ink," and "Rides," as well as Discovery's "Monster Garage." And now you can have his work protect your phone.

The patented process used to transfer the artwork to the case is done without changing the look or feel of the leather, and it's highly resistant to household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics. Because the artwork impregnates the leather, it can't fade or separate from the case.

As for the case itself, it's your basic horizontal pouch with belt clip on the rear. The phone slips inside -- face in or out, it's up to you -- and the flap is held in place with a magnet. One down side is that depending on where the 3.5mm headphone jack is on your phone, you might not have access to it while the phone's in the case. But otherwise, the phone sits securely inside.

The Mike Lavalee edition of the HellBent Horizontal case fits a number of Android smartphones. (Be sure to use the device selector to make sure yours fits.) It's
available now in the Android Central Store for .95

. We've got more pictures after the break.

Case review: HellBent horizontal pouch (Mike Lavallee edition)

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